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Larry Cohen

My Favorite 52 software by Larry Cohen is one of the most popular software programs for learning how to play better bridge. As a professional for decades, Larry Cohen presents an interactive course on his favorite 52 hands that is both entertaining and educational. Each hand is guided in a way that allows you to choose your play at various challenging moments during the bidding and play. Since most of the bidding and play problems contain advanced concepts, the software is geared more towards intermediate or advanced players who already have a fundamental knowledge of basic bidding and conventions. During each decision, Larry Cohen offers clear and detailed analysis teaching the mindset and thought process of one of the best American bridge players of the past twenty years. The focus is on learning as you go with interactive quizzes and over the shoulder explanations of every decision. Larry Cohen's teaching system based on real life bidding and play situations has become widely popular among bridge players, and this software program is no exception.



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