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Zelig Rubenstein
Zelig Rubenstein
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Feb. 17, 2012
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April 18
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 2 bottles of wine at the Aurora, Ont sectional.
Regular Bridge Partners
BBO Robot #12
Favorite Tournaments
Red Sea International Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
upside-down signals
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Board 2 from the 11/23/2018 Common Game
Isn't N likely to double a club q-bid?
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
The Edmonton Grads women's basketball team won 17 World Championships in a row, 1924-1940 and in their 25 years of existence had a won-loss record of 502-20
Club policy legal?
Announcing a NT range and the use of the stop card are ACBL regulations rather than law and clubs have always had a lot of leeway regarding regulations. I doubt any club has ever lost a sanction for not following the Laws. Looking for reasons to quarrel with club owners ...
Club policy legal?
Thanks Tom
Club policy legal?
This is from Mike Flader's "Ruling the Game" column, 2005 Summer Nationals, Bulletin #2 The trouble with psychs — part 2 This article offers advice to club managers and directors on handling psychs. Remember that one of the few things that a club must agree to do in obtaining an ...
Club policy legal?
Where do the rules of the game say the regulating authority may restrict psychs of artificial bids?
Why do I need a convention card?
ACBL regulations don't require convention cards at club games, only Sectionals and higher.
Watch 1983 TV Series “Master Bridge” on YouTube.
Robert Sheehan
Balancing: 1NT Overcall with Range Stayman and Two-Suited Overcalls
No, but you'll notice the chart you quoted mentions "all calls after a natural No trump opening bid or DIRECT overcall".
Balancing: 1NT Overcall with Range Stayman and Two-Suited Overcalls
I was told by the ACBL Rulings department that range stayman wasn't allowed because the NT range was too wide. My partner was unconvinced and spoke to Jonathon Steinberg about. Jonathon in turn forwarded our question on to Jeff Meckstroth who's on the convention approval committee and Jeff ...

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