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Yuval Yener
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Aug. 18, 2015
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13 hours ago
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Junior Pairs world champion 2003
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Fun to play with GIB
I wonder how does this Algorithm thing works as far as sacrifices are concern. Perhaps people who play Individual games can enlight me, because i can't remember facing a sequence in which the GIB made a sacrifice bid.
ATB - reaching a bad slam
Q lead at the table, i went down. Guess i should've figure it out and perhaps i would've, had i played the hand against an opponents i know to make a sound weak-jump overcalls rather than some pickup opps on BBO. I'm more interested about the bidding ...
ATB - reaching a bad slam
Hope now it's ok, didn't do that so much before...
commentating on other table
Their "job", as i see it, is to give an information regarding the "whole" match, not only one half of it.
commentating on other table
When those kind of situations comes up, i DO discuss the other table's contract and play as well, but only if the same board is played by both rooms. At the same time i use David Burn's practice when the score changes. To Be honest, i've never ...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: AK872 AQJ62 --- KQ4
sorry guys, only now i saw that i had the vulnerability wrong and switched it, fixed now.... would appreciate if you can vote again, thanks.
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: AQJ6 Q74 3 T9862
Anyhow, partner's hand was: XXX X AKX AKQXXX the King of Spade was onside, so 12 tricks were available in Club, while 4S and 3NT were making, too, since the 3H bidder hold : T9XX AKJTXXX X X and decided to bid "by the book" and not opening a pre-emptive ...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: AQJ6 Q74 3 T9862
which essentially means opp overcalled 3H with XXXXXX since i look at the Q of heart in my hand... Not likely IMO, but if that makes sense to you then pass is logical.
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: AQJ6 Q74 3 T9862
for sure not a penalty which can hardly makes sense anyway. it's a take-out oriented bid.
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: AQJ6 Q74 3 T9862
we agreed on playing support X through 2♥, otherwise no particular agreement. It's a new partnership.
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