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Yuval Yener
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Aug. 18, 2015
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Junior Pairs world champion 2003
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Lose Final B to Garomov with me
Good call regarding the splinter, Even though i can very well see myself bid 4 in respond with, say: AXXX QXXX KQX QJ while 6 seem to be a reasonable spot.
Lose Final B to Garomov with me
that's correct, i've felt the tempo of play from East suggest that 's are 4-2, howevera good player would surely play K in tempo from the K9 remaining.
Lose Final B to Garomov with me
correct, I tried to fix it but for some reasons it won't let me fix the headliner. My Appologies for Andrey, of course.
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: K852 T982 8 AJT2
thanks all, Turns out that partner had QJT9XX QX XX XXX 6 is 5 off, a good sacriice while 6 making. The story of the hand is more complicated though. opener had: A9X AKXX AQXX XX and his partner had ...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: K852 T982 8 AJT2
maybe, or perhaps S thought 3S would be helpful for EW to evaluate their hands and that if he won't reveal the situaion then perhaps EW would settle for 3NT for MP reasons...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: K9 AKJ954 AKQJ 3
I probably would've, Had i knew that X would be such an unanimous choice. I'm not used to be in such a majority... :) TBH i thought many would bid 5/, as most of the field played in 5, going down one. Many others played in ...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: K9 AKJ954 AKQJ 3
so now, after you all unanimously paid -950 just like me, let's make it an ATB problem. Partner's hand: XXX QTXX XXXX XX West's: AQJ XXX X AQT9XX East's: XXXXX VOID XXXX KJXX Let's put aside EW ...
Yuval Yener's bidding problem: J65 T KQJT32 AKJ
I've changed the sequence now, Sorry for the 5 persons before that voted for "X" which of course isn't possible now.
Fun to play with GIB
I wonder how does this Algorithm thing works as far as sacrifices are concern. Perhaps people who play Individual games can enlight me, because i can't remember facing a sequence in which the GIB made a sacrifice bid.
ATB - reaching a bad slam
Q lead at the table, i went down. Guess i should've figure it out and perhaps i would've, had i played the hand against an opponents i know to make a sound weak-jump overcalls rather than some pickup opps on BBO. I'm more interested about the bidding ...
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