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Wouter Fitski
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March 9, 2016
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Oct. 18
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Basic Question about Takeout Doubles
Def responsive, ideally something like a 3244 shape, giving p a chance to suggest 2 in the 4-3fit.
ATB: Someone should have doubled
Both players have quite an easy dbl but most of the blame goes to North: a. He has an opening in my opinion. b. He has an easy 4 splinter over 2 c. He has absolutely no interest in bidding 5 d. VulvsNv, he is sure partner ...
Interview with Jacob Morgan
yes you heard correctly, he said they usually bring a binder thats about 250 pages long.
How do you respond to this question?
"I will tell you all about it after the evening is over and you buy me a beer". Seems to work very well for me :P
maximal double, DSIP support or somethign else ?
Well number 1 and 3 are basically the same tbh. Dbl def promises extra's, as does 3 so dbl should be 3crd support.
ATB - Missed Slam
As west it is important to show your hearth suit alongside your spade support. If slam is on it must be due to an extra source of tricks in hearths. 3 is therefore the main problem, although is isnt nescesarily a bad bid. 3 as a fit-bid is ...
Be careful what you ask!
West could just have given lead directing dbl, so you dont even need this kind of cheating. Anyway, they got what they deserved i guess.
I wish it was possible to give both players 100% tbh. 50/50 doesnt really cut it imo.
Slam bid problem
For this slam to work you need: (dont know exact numbers) 3-2break in = +-68.5%, (prob less given the hearth break) King of onside = >99% Queen of onside = +- 80% (expecting light openings whitevsred) Percentages are only a rough estimate but 0.65x0.8=0.52 So slam ...
Assess the blame
3NT seems fine, not very frequent agreement but very accurately decribes the hand. Gives a good advantage versus the rest of the field when it happens. 5 is a gross overbid in my opinion, it is naturalish and slamgoing/invite. What dummy with just 2 tophonors makes slam a ...

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