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William Watson
William Watson
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Jan. 3, 2011
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Tonight Andrew picked up 732 AQT97 KQJ T7 over dummy's AK985 K6542 92 8. After 3NT gambling all pass I led Ace of diamonds and he played the Q.|neilvaz,bucky6000,vijesh,willwats|st%7C%7Cmd%7C3SAK985HK6542D92C8%2CS732HAQT97DKQJCT7 ...
Ever picked up AKQJT98765432 (not all in the same suit)
I've noticed 2. One of those I was dummy and laid out the cards one at a time, A, K etc. I was told I could speed things up by sorting my hand.
Creating .PBN Files and then Importing .LIN Files to BBO
Yes, but what specifically do you want to do?
Need volunteers to test multiple team matches on BBO playing same hands
Loading saved deals works fine except it does not preserve board numbers. In the 3X9 event referenced above did the players play boards 10-18 in the second round? There is a way to get multiple instanced of BBO running on one computer to set up multiple team games that way.
Charlie Chen's bidding problem: T8 QT9xxx Q9 T8x
Despite the votes so far I think it is close.
How should the director adjust on BBO?
If you know what tables were unfinished late in the round (tournament status) you can look at those tables' last board to verify the adjustments made. It gets most of them to what I consider the right answer, and does sometimes veer from double-dummy. It is mostly right in those ...
A set of BBO feature requests
I have tried to do a howell movement twice. Once with "Description:" 18-20 boards of +allavail+ +howell+ +rounds5+ hand records emailed afterwards And 20 board, 4 board/round. With 3 tables I got a 3 table Mitchell with 2 revenge rounds. Today I tried with "Description" +howell+ 3 tables 10 ...
Michael Xu's bidding problem: AQxx Kxxxx AQ Qx
I usually overcall with this shape, but thought this hand just strong enough to double.
Creating .PBN Files and then Importing .LIN Files to BBO
In bridge composer you can use F8 and Shift-F8 to rotate the board. When you've rotated all the boards as you like you can use tools-all boards, type ctrl-a to select all boards, and then choose board/Auto Dealer/Vul.
Doubled undertricks...history lesson required
Under old scoring if you could know your opponents were making a grand, and vulnerability was favorable, you need to take 2 tricks to have a profitable sacrifice. You are conflating what players do (making sacrifices that require only a few tricks to be worthwhile)with what rulemakers do, (we ...

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