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Will Roper
Will Roper
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July 28, 2013
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Junior who has played bridge for over half their life.


"Studied" engineering in London.


Love bridge, not much else to it


Favourite convention/unwanted nickname: Dopi Ropi



United Kingdom

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Whoever is willing to put up with me
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Young Chelsea
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Spring Foursomes
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Swedish 2m, Flannery, Sinvite
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Too good to sign off?
Only 4? Partner must have solid 20count over there!
Too good to sign off?
1 could be as bad as xxx, QJTx, x, xxxxx for me :P So where do I rank this hand (hmm).
Too good to sign off?
As Simon. Play 2 as Mild INV here and 2N as a more clearcut game-try. All bids higher than 2 are as per 1-2.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: 42 J53 A53 A9743
Definitely bidding. Partner has 6-5m or 7-4m and wants us to pass only if we have a penalty double of 4. Bidding 5 as the info both sides give might help us judge 5 vs 6level better.
Ambrose Hol's bidding problem: Ax 9xxx Ax AKQTx
in which case they have 5 and a FNJ. If partner doubles then they have even more dummy ruffing potential.
Ambrose Hol's bidding problem: Ax 9xxx Ax AKQTx
Not convinced by the line of logic that defending 2x is right. RHO almost certainly has 6 and possibly a Fit Non Jump with which we cannot shorten sufficiently to take control fast enough. Hands like x, AKQTxx, xx, xxxx spring to mind where 2 x ...
Ambrose Hol's bidding problem: Ax 9xxx Ax AKQTx
Floating between 3 and 3. Don't think 2N is right at all as LHO will lead stiff through partners possible Kx. Pass could be right but I feel 3N is too likely to be on the cards. Hopefully 3 will show partner interest (they will put ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: AT862 AJ7 A AKJ6
Since I guessed/proposed the 4 two-way treatment, I should say that Andy is technically correct. However, I also think a sign-off is more important than a diamond slam-try full stop. The hand we have picked up is among the most powerful "without shortage" hands that we can pick ...
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: AT862 AJ7 A AKJ6
See my point above as to why I would long suit try in . Hopefully, partner will move with heart cards or heart length+other values which is probably our best shot.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: AT862 AJ7 A AKJ6
Neither do I, since for me a mixed raise contains shortage. However, I think they both fall within the parameters specified. 4333 is apparently on the border

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