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Will Roper
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July 28, 2013
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about me

Junior who has played bridge for over half their life.


"Studied" engineering in London.


Love bridge, not much else to it


Favourite convention/unwanted nickname: Dopi Ropi



United Kingdom

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Whoever is willing to put up with me
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Young Chelsea
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Spring Foursomes
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Swedish 2m, Flannery, Sinvite
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Abigail Wilson wins 1ST Lady Milne cap for Scotland
Well done Abi and good luck!
What is the significance of this 4!h bid?
This is a matter of agreement, hence the division. I have seen lots of IMPs fly around on this. My personal approach to this in a pick-up partnership is to avoid bidding 4 if I have any serious slam intention. My partnership agreements on this auction of relevance are ...
Competing the Partscore
Some thoughts, one or two of which may even be serious: 1) You shouldn't overcompete for partscores. Image of MGB telling Sasha that "These guys don't seem to make many contracts, its time for the red card." 2) IJS might solve some of these issues. 1-2 ...
Sharp Practice?
I am not a bridge lawyer or someone who likes digging within the laws. However, from the white book 2017: Law 8 - End of Round 1. In general, a round ends when the Director gives the signal for the start of the following round; but if any table has not ...
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
It depends heavily on the partnership I am/was playing in. In no order of preference: 2 = Double negative 2N = 2 = To play opposite 20-21bal 2N = 3way bid (weak , weak minors, strong 55mm) 2 = Spades 2N = 2 = Spades 2N = Minors 2 = Spades ...
Serious / Non-Serious 3NT
I have played all of the above and some others as well. Personally, my preference is to play shortage (or some variant) in these positions. I also dislike the 3/3N flip for several reasons: 1) I struggle to remember it 2) It is hard to exploit (e.g ...
Transfers after Transfers or Transfer Extensions
Your priority should be shortage showing in my view. If I was playing the scheme I would follow something similar to Martens proposal of Stayman+Transfers.
Continuations after 1!c (2!d) multi overcall
I am in the X=T/O of camp too. X=Balanced is a very popular defence to M2 known as Dixon here in the UK. I think people like it as: a) It fits with 1N-(2*)-X = Values b) (2*)-X-(2M)-? = You can ...
Keith Lai's bidding problem: 9842 AKJ865 KJ3 ---
Lot of probables, but I am tired.
Keith Lai's bidding problem: 9842 AKJ865 KJ3 ---
As Michael I would bid 4 as 4 should be to play probably (or stronger/weaker) I would then make some sort of move over it as necessary. On your auction I would bid 5 probably.

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