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UI or not?
Some other redoubles that I think are not SOS: 1. Directly after a takeout double 1x Dbl Rdbl usually to show values and also 2/3x Dbl Rdbl. After a pre-empt I play the Rdbl as cooperative. 2. Some sequences where XX is defined artificially: 1NT Dbl Rdbl might be ...
Keycard Responses to 2NT
There are many hands in response to 2NT that have slam interest but that are unsuitable for a key card ask. Therefore having a method focused around responder asking for key cards seems to be wrong to me. I prefer a method where responder shows distributional features and opener judges ...
ATB - Who applies The Law
I agree. Sitting under the bidder a maximum and top cards seems like the normal hand for a double which partner can pass or pull.
Develop Tricks
A downside seems to be that you cannot make a negative double with only one major and say two cards in the other major unless you have considerable extra strength.
UI or not?
Doug: This is something I have thought about over the past year or so when a director told me that a hesitation was UI and quoted the second sentence in Law 16B1. I asked him what the information was and he simply claimed it was the hesitation. I think that ...
MULTI 2D Responses
Rules like not opening with a side four card suit that are not based on empirical analysis are deeply flawed. Anyone can come up with a hand that is bad for a particular system or style but what matters is the long run expectation. The hands that I have looked ...
MULTI 2D Responses
After 2 2NT we play: 3 any minimum 3 max with hearts 3 max with spades Over 3 and 3 bidding three of the major is forcing and sets trumps. Therefore 4m is natural and forcing in a hand unsuitable for 3NT. After 3 ...
Playing for an overtrick at imps (part 2, read part 1 first)
This is precisely why you should play the trumps differently. You need to know how many trump losers you have before you take a position in spades.
Where did north-south go wrong on this hand? The answer may be "with every bid made".
In reverse order: 6 is too much. If south has AKxxx then we still need good breaks and something good in clubs. With much more than AKxxx then south would have bid over 4. 5 is trying to land on a pinhead. I can't see how ...
What's your Line of Play?
An overtrick is worth less than one IMP - there is a chance of some aberrant result at the other table. Making our game vulnerable is usually worth nine or ten IMPs. Therefore, we have to make a lot of overtricks to justify going down once when we should have made ...

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