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Oct. 10, 2010
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Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AT864 KQJ9 K KQ9
Over ace response (14 03 2) on quantitative 4N, I think the common approach is to play: - 5S as puppet to 5N for sign-off (missing 2 keys) or to show a potential suit spot to play as choice. and - 5N as asking P to bid up the line for potential ...
Senior Quarterfinal Hand
I stand corrected :)
Something unusual enough?
As long as covered by the local federation for no alerts above 3N after first round, don't see any reason to alert. Also, if 2 is alerted, opps have sufficient information to figure out what 5 is.. (provided they ask what 2 alert was).
Senior Quarterfinal Hand
Interestingly A lead and back a kills the contract (5) as it removes the entry for second ruff.
Death Distribution
I have never seen such a clean treatment of dbl and 2N bid as you have posted. Thank you Kit.
Plan the bidding and then play.
7 seems to be better than 7N as on 7, we can isolate menace. This allows to arrive at the end position that makes if West has s and s or either player with s and K.
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's bidding problem: AJ9642 8 A9 K863
Hi, we play transfers after dbl on P's 1M (opening/overcall). the structure over 1H-x as: xx = values (depending on partnership can be 8+ or 10+) 1S = nat f1 1N, 2C = trf to C/D; 2D = 3+H 8+ hcp 2H = 3H 4-7hcp 2S to 3D being fit (or ...
Stefan Velja's bidding problem: A8 A9874 AK96 A5
I am unable to count 12 tricks.. If P has 5Ds with Q and a King, we have 5D tricks, 1 K, 3 Aces in our hand + say two ruffs in hand = 11 tricks.. So, we would need three ruffs in hand or develop a H or C trick. 6D ...
How would you rule?
Noted. Thanks Dave
How would you rule?
Kit, I believe West is allowed to change the bid (while the tray is still on his side) if he realized after placing 4H card and before alerting. Assuming this correct, I am unclear with West's action of choosing not to change his bid.

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