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Ulrich Voigt
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April 17, 2016
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Winston Chang's bidding problem: T2 J96 A8732 KQ5
I do, by passing.
NABC Individual: Robot Coding Horror?
I doubt that's a glitch. As far as I know, the BBO robots simulate a number of layouts compatible with the bidding and play so far and make the choice that works best on these layouts. If there are several close choices, running the same simulation twice may very ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 754 764 AK96543 ---
Over here (Germany), opening 1 would be illegal.
Attitude vs. Count
After (1) 1 (3), North has a difficult bidding problem. From your comment at the end, "All he could do is bid 3 and hope his partner gets it right." it seems bidding is clear-cut, but I'm not so sure about that. With 4333 and ...
Controlled Psych? Legal-Beagles, Please
If you have agreed that after a strong 2 opening partner must answer 2, opener can safely psych a 2 opening with a weak diamond hand. That looks like a psychic control to me, but doesn't fall under the definition above.
Peter Hasenson's bidding problem: 8 AKQ K987642 KQ
Even if we buy the argument that someone will bid again - there is a loooooong way from "I believe in this specific hand someone will bid again" to "This bid is forcing".
What card would you play now...?
That's why it would have been nice if we were given the opponents' carding agreements and which cards have been played at the first two tricks.
What card would you play now...?
And if spades were 2-2 all along, it makes the opponents happy!
Who Should Do More? See the Bidding Poll !SKQ3 !HAJT4 !D9873 !CJ3
I'm not sure it would have solved our problem, but I would have overcalled 1 as West.
Find The Lady (a tough non-Bridge problem)
There is one piece of information nobody has used yet: the deuces. Since we are on a bridge forum, we can reasonably assume we have four deuces in four different suits. Now, if we observe the same deuce in two different places during the play, we can deduce the queen ...

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