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Ulrich Voigt
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April 17, 2016
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Futile Willie?
4 is a serious overbid. Partner will have length in spades, because no one bid them, and probably some diamond length as well. Something like Jxxxx xx Kxx Kxx wouldn't be surprising, and he can easily be weaker. By the way, Kieran's hand has 15 HCP.
Duplicate Poker
That doesn't make them duplicate games. In a chess tournament, you have only one opponent at a time, you are not compared to everyone else in your seat.
Forcing or not
Good luck explaining that to the director when he gave an adjusted score because you didn't alert.
Forcing or not
"Artificial call: 1. A bid, double, or redouble that conveys information (not being information taken for granted by players generally) other than (or in addition to) a willingness to play in the denomination named or last named." That makes any kind of fit jump or fit non jump artificial.
Is Bridge a Sport?
Well, there are TV shows with competitive cooking...
The death of the Jack of Hearts
"Further, if hearts are 4-1, the opponents might have bid 5S or tried for slam. The fact they didn't weighs against playing for a 4-1 break." Not at all. Look at the actual hand. West, holding four hearts, has an obvious double. East trusts partners judgement. Which opponent should ...
What is a "world class player"?
Let's quote Chthonic: "I recommend Human Bridge Errors for intermediate to advanced players. This is by your species’ own deluded standards, of course. By my accounting, only Michael Rosenberg and Helen Sobel have ever achieved the rank of novice. The rest of you qualify as various degrees of beginners ...
What does a hesitation suggest here?
Ruling please
Certainly not.
Ruling please
Someone who claims in this elaborate way instead of simply playing Q from dummy is not world class, at least not in this moment.

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