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Tracey Bauer
Tracey Bauer
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Jan. 29, 2011
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I juggle career and family and selectively fit in good bridge when I can.   Enjoying the journey and I have some wonderful partners and friends who are as passionate about learning and living life to its fullest.  I look at every bad board as a learning experience to hopefully not be repeated once I recognize the pattern.  We live in Marin County and I'm the social media chair for the Marin unit and District 21 maintaining their Facebook Page.     If you see me please say hi!

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being accidentally passed out in 5 H during slam auction making with only 6 trump and all those in 6s go down
Regular Bridge Partners
Keith Bauer, Arti Bhargava,Gerard Lequerriere, Cole Powell, Mark Peterson, Jim Griffin, Chuck Wong
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Terra Linda, Crossley,
Favorite Tournaments
Any nationals when I play with my favorite partners
Favorite Conventions
Anything my partner plays
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Jim....a group of us from D21 have been playing this for years. Very few of us have forgotten the system after one or two early goofs...find minor suit slams easily and keeps strong hand playing the contract.
Can Facebook Grow Your Club?
Many people confuse websites and social media ... they should be used in conjunction and in relationship to each other. This is how I use it and see it but would love feedback from others (click on the links above in my long comment to see) Websites like bridgewinners a user ...
Can Facebook Grow Your Club?
Steve, I am not a club owner but social media chair for Unit 508 and District 21. ACBL did approached me out of the blue and told me a couple years ago they were going to give me some money to do the FB adverstising but that never materialized. I ...
Can Facebook Grow Your Club?
I am extremely passionate about utilizing Facebook for our bridge world. I joined my unit board 4-5 years ago and in my first meeting brought to them the idea of adding a social media chair, got approval, and created our Facebook page. I was convinced ...
Open DC Discussion Thread
Bruce 0-5000 and the 0-1500 were formatted correctly....seems to me that the biggest event file should be checked before posted....and should have been corrected by now.
Open DC Discussion Thread Can someone explain why the Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs file looks like this? Also why is Hampson and Greco with less points (1850.00) listed above Borker Jansma with (1850.50) This has been very confusing to read and figure out ...
Exposed score sheets
John. I've used that tactic.....humor etc. I usually point out the slam I see on the card and thank them for the info. it's especially bad at club games in our area and directors do not seem to help correct the problem. I usually remind them that ...
Social Media Poll-please help
How do you use them and how many people use it?
Social Media Poll-please help
Thanks for all the feedback! I think I'll hold off on Twitter for right now and invest my time elsewhere.
California Capital Swiss: Dwindling table counts produce some interesting masterpoint totals
We did have a competing regional.....the ACBL scheduled a regional at sea out of SAN FRANCISCO during our regional. Our district is based in San Francisco. Our district board was extremely unhappy that this conflicting regional at sea was scheduled. Yes ... We still have many things to fix with ...

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