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Do robots have to conform to SAYC in masterpoint games? For example, in a recent hand, void in S, 6 Hs J high, KQT in Ds and KTxx in C. 9 HCPs. Robot opened 1 H. That doesn't seem like SAYC to me but some real folks may choose ...
Anybody know link to article show BBO on iPad being used for a standard bridge session?
is there any help articles on teaching folks how to use/navigate the ipad or tablet interface in a bridge game? it is different from a desktop screen and some portions of the screen are a challenge to locate. for example, on an ipad, how do you find "my table ...
bbo help please
Thank you.
bbo help please
When selecting "Casual" and then Start a Table to create a "private" table of 4 players, there are 2 options: Relaxed and Competitive game. Does anyone know what the differences are between these 2 options? Your answer will be much appreciated.
BBO format
I did download the desktop version from but it would not install. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm running Windows 10.
BBO format
I would love to see the Windows version. Is there a way to get a copy to load? I too am a teacher and have tried to understand the Bridge movie app but it is way to complex for me to learn and then develop my lessons for my students ...
BBO format
Thanks. We got notification as a possible club and have submitted our form of acceptance.
BBO format
The first thing I did was to try another browser and sure enough, all was "normal". Went back to Chrome and it was skewed. I think Paul has the answer...if you somehow happen to get it messed up, it will remain so until you readjust the individual windows within ...
BBO format
For some reason, the format of my BBO under Google Chrome has changed where the table is now skewed to the far left and the bidding sequence is on the right hand side. Both seemed to be larger than I remember. I'm using Google Chrome and I suspect that ...
BBO Questions
Thanks to all that responded. It makes sense now. I think it was the IMPs that confused me. Match Points is understandable.
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