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SAYC questions
No, not heading to Hawaii (I wish!) but just interested in opinions. This is a new system I devised and I want to do the right thing vis-a-vis alerting. Australia also has the catch-all "meaning that the opponents may not reasonably expect" so, on reflection, I think you are right ...
SAYC questions
My reason for asking is that I have a similar, but different, issue with my system. We have a forcing 1, with 1 as the "sort-of-negative" response. The only time we open a natural 1 with just 4 cards is in a 4414 singleton diamond hand, when ...
SAYC questions
Thanks to all who replied. If I understand correctly, in regular SAYC, the rebid would be 2 on a moderate hand and a reverse into a major on stronger hands. Both of these would suggest a 5+ diamond suit, but have to be 4 on this specific shape. Can ...
SAYC questions
Not GF. Just a normal 2 level response. Is it GF in SAYC?
Best bridge advice ever:
I know it isn't original but... If in doubt, bid game If in doubt about which game, bid 3NT
Hold on a minute
Thanks Anthony. That confirms what I suspected.
Hold on a minute
Can I take this one (or two) steps further? In both cases, East drops 3 cards, West cannot have seen the exposed card. 1. East calls the director and says "I accidentally dropped three of my cards onto the floor and the Q was seen by South". I think this ...
Hold on a minute
In our club we don't even get a free game. We pay our AU$3.00 like everyone else. We have, on several occasions, declined the suggestion of not paying table money.
1354 and 2353 minimum opener rebids
I haven't done an analysis, but I always raise responder's Major with 3 cards and a minimum (<15) opener. Since I play WNT my minimum opening will always be unbalanced. With SNT this may not always be appropriate. The hand which convinced me was my 4126 7-count opposite ...
Transfer Lebensohl!?
In my version of Transfer Lebensohl, following a 2 overcall: 3 (a transfer to their suit) is Stayman, promising 4 spades. Pard can bid 3 or 4 spades with 4-card support. Without 4 cards, he bids 3NT with a stop or accepts the transfer without a stop. 3 ...
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