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Nov. 28, 2014
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Living in Maryland with Mary, my wonderful wife and frequent partner.

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"I accept"
What LHO did is illegal. Once Dummy draws attention* to the lead out of turn the Director should be called at once (Law 9B1a). LHO should not accept the lead "until the Director has explained all matters in regard to rectification." (Law 9B2) What LHO did is widely done and ...
"I accept"
Here is the applicable Law: Law 55A: "If declarer has led out of turn from his or dummy’s hand then either defender may accept the lead as provided in Law 53 or require its retraction (after misinformation, see Law 47E1). If the defenders choose differently then the option expressed ...
Play at T1
KQ9xx with partner having two side entries is another holding where playing the ten probably ruins the hand. You've given declarer a third stopper and made it so partner can never lead spades again. Even if declarer can save himself by ducking the second round of spades, that is ...
Play at T1
"And if West plays low and East works out to play low from KQJxx, declarer can duck." Sure but this is matchpoints and winning the first two tricks in spades without allowing declarer to establish a second trick in the suit will probably be worth an extra trick in the ...
Play at T1
I'm not sure what the value of "unblocking" is when you seem to have no entries outside of spades. Playing the ten clarifies the position of the jack for partner but can easily lose a trick. On the bidding and lead declarer is likely to have A??? while partner ...
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Could someone make the argument for why 2 does not "specify" hearts? 2 basically means "I think we should play in 2 if you have a suitable hand" where suitable hand includes about half of opener's range. I don't see "specify" as a synonym for ...
How do you rule
The UI seems to suggest 3 over 3. Bidding 3 is known by UI from the explanation to be dangerous because partner may draw the obvious inference that you have diamonds and bid 4. 3 seems like an attempt to avoid this by waking partner ...
Simultaneous play and claim
Law 68D: "After any claim or concession, play is suspended. 1. If the claim or concession is agreed, Law 69 applies. 2. If it is doubted by any player (dummy included); either (a) the Director may immediately be summoned ..." The Laws specifically say dummy may doubt a claim.
Simultaneous play and claim
The Director needs to make a ruling of fact as to whether the play or the claim came first. Then the correct ruling will follow. This may be a very difficult ruling to make but sometimes that comes with the job. Very important to recognize that the claim statement is ...
Simultaneous play and claim
John's point seems to be that you should not intentionally interpret her claim statement to be something other than what she meant it to be. I agree with that. You may be right to award the defenders a trick, but that isn't the way to do it.
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