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Tom O'Reilly-Pol
Tom O'Reilly-Pol
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Jan. 31, 2012
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Every time a squeeze comes together
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The Club's Coffee-Housing
On the strength weakness subject, when declarer stops to think on finesse situations, I used to consciously think the thing I wanted him to do (e.g. duck this to partner when I had nothing). I then switched to thinking the opposite (e.g. play to drop the honor in ...
An Advance Twist of Alan Schwartz' ATB +200
I would make a bidding poll
Were EW damaged?
Are the opponents playing Truscott (Jordan) after a t/o X? If so, there's no failure to alert, because I would think that a jump in showed a weak hand with a fistful of . And if that is the hand that S has, I think 4 ...
2016 Reno Spring NABC Casebook available
I must say I do love reading these. Committees seemed to do a really good job at this NABC, with a couple of exceptions.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQ95 JT4 --- AKQ87
Partner responded with a semiforcing 1NT, what substantial extras do you imagine he has? He has said that he doesn't think , NT, or would make for good contracts. I'm inclined to agree, and imagine we are likely to have some combination of 3 red suit losers ...
Reverse bidding with 4-4
The 5-3 fit won't be lost with modern tools like Wolff over 2NT rebids.
Reverse bidding with 4-4
The harm is the decrease in precision on reverse sequences. Give partner some 5=2=2=4 7 count. Where do you want to end up, and what sequence gets you there? Now give him a 4=3=2=4. Now try giving partner a hand that thinks about slam ...
finesse or squeeze
You're correct that I didn't consider that layout. I also consider it unlikely enough not to cater to it. Your line of cashing the A early requires not just the read of the king with LHO, but also that are 3=4 instead of 4=3 ...
finesse or squeeze
This should be cold, right? RHO must have J10 for LHO'S plays to make any sense. Cash the , pitching the 3 small from hand. Cross to the Q. Cash the Q, pitching a from dummy. Cash the AK. If on the second , there's still ...
2 ♣ Multi
So I give up all of my weak 2 openings so I can scare the opponents out of competing when I have a normal hand with both majors?

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