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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
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July 29, 2010
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Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: AQ T85 --- AKQJT987
[b]For me the popular 2H bid is a spade raise so it's out.[/b] Then I guess you can never make a forcing bid unless you support pd and this hand is one of many that would want to force.
Brad Craig's bidding problem: A82 AJ962 K84 43
I agree with Jack Spear. I face this position a lot. You raise and see pd with 4 bad spades and values, or you rebid 1 NT and it turns out that 1 NT goes down 2 or 3 while 2 makes or goes down 1 only. I ...
Winston Chang's bidding problem: K875 9543 986 Q7
AQJx x Qx KJT9xx or Axxx x xx AKJTxx or etc etc......with your way I think there is no way your side can ever play 2 or 3. It's either 4 or leave them to 2 in pass out seat.
ATB - missed thin game
I probably would bid different with East hand (3 over 3) but non vulnerable I would not blame missing the game. . 4 has ruff danger. 4 requires 2-2 I believe. I am not even mentioning the possibility of N holding the A.
Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: Q AKT9753 AKJ72 ---
[b]Yes, really.[/b] I am not saying my choice of 4 bid is necessarily the correct one with the hand in OP, however, I am glad everyone who voted for 4 disagrees with you. Otherwise I would feel like I came from another planet.
Barry Buehler's bidding problem: J63 87 654 J8654
How interesting. Doubler shows a solid suit, and his pd, despite solid suit holder being on lead, despite being white vs red, did not pass 1 NT double! Anyway, I pass.
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: T5 AK9765 QT86 6
I think this hand is at least (if not better) as good as 12 hcp 6322 hand. Besides 2 has strategical advantage to prevent opener to show spades at 1 level IMO.
Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: Q AKT9753 AKJ72 ---
[b]4♦ sounds a lot like a hand that likes clubs? What would you bid with xx AKxxx Axx Kxx?[/b] Really? Phil?
Break In Tempo
How I see this whole thing is explained by David Burn, Kit and Kieran much better than I could have.
Assign The Blame
@Ben: This is why I said in my post that I would personally start DBL and then bid 3. But I would not argue with someone who thought it is 1-2 hcp less than my evaluation. On the other hand West and his choice is not even remotely reasonable ...

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