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Thomas Stillman
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Oct. 11, 2014
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Dec. 4
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Disposing of old cards
Thanks for all the great responses. Just an interesting update: our local VA just emailed me that they only take brand new cards. Interesting that it appears different VA hospitals have different policies
Disposing of old cards
Hi Len. Thanks for this idea. The VA Hospital here is only 6 blocks away!
Looking for help from "bot" users
I would just like to reiterate that from my experience, you have to have a good Internet connection at the facility. The facility I use does not have any sort of Wi-Fi (!?) so I bought a hot spot to submit results quickly. When I used it for Bridge Base and ...
Half tables
1) I have a "go-to" guy who will usually play with me. 2) I used computers as robots last week. However, our site does not have Internet access, so I have had to rely on a hotspot. Apparently, BBO sucks up lots of data as I have exceeded my data ...
List things that the average “beginner/novice” just doesn’t understand
I'm still trying to figure out how they made such a popular musical on the Hamilton convention.
List things that the average “beginner/novice” just doesn’t understand
This really applies to anyone, but I would like to tell beginners that those three cards in their hand are not going to change no matter how long they look at them and they are going to lose those three tricks
Tonight was a first for me
Wednesday, I filled in & had a dozen director calls. Friday, I didn't have to fill in. You guessed it: no director calls.
Looking for help from "bot" users
I did all you said but when I got the part where I designated North a robot, I got a prompt asking for money
Student Scam Emailed from ACBL
Funny story: I received the email from ACBL and almost immediately received an email from a woman asking me for a bridge lesson. She's legit. 8-)
What are the benefits of sanctioned bridge?
We used to have a local non-sanctioned game with about 20 tables. Here's what someone has to pay for: a) Space (if it's not at your home, is someone else going to step up and host it) b) Cards c) Bidding Boxes (if you want) d) Travelers if ...
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