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Sukhu Nayyar
Sukhu Nayyar
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Nov. 29, 2018
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Nov. 10
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bridge player

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Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: x xxxx xxxx KQJx
Assuming we are playing forcing NT. I can live with whatever partner rebids.
Yu Chang's bidding problem: AQJTx T9xx xx xx
Enough to overcall. Must show partner the suit for lead if it comes to that.
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: KJ84 AKJ65 A4 A7
Where are the 9 tricks for 3NT? The only long suit is one where RHO has pre-empted. Two aces are in doubletons. Partner rates to have around 6HCP. I will hope to earn some IMPs by defeating the 3H contract.
Andy Stark's bidding problem: 62 AKQJ AKQJ963 ---
To make 6D you need partner to have one of the following: -Spade ace - spade KQ -Club ace with side entry, and if so, opening lead is not a spade. Otherwise you have two quick losers in spades. Is there a way of finding out whether he has one of ...
Sukhu Nayyar's bidding problem: QT7 AJ7 T97 AT64
Sorry, I meant the same deal, not the same hand.
Sukhu Nayyar's bidding problem: --- KQ653 AKJ8 K983
Sorry, forgot to explain the bids: 2S is weak, 6-carder X is takeout XX is alerted as values and points.
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: AKQ9x K9 x KQxxx
I could be pessimistic, but, on the other hand, what do I need from partner to have a play for 4S or 5C? CA and HQ, plus 2 rags in S. Or HA and CJxx. This is IMPs, I would like to shoot for game.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K43 T5 5 KJ98763
Partner has doubled and then bid, showing a strong hand. I owe him a bid to show trump support.
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