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On Ethics, Proprieties, Laws, Regulations and Beginning Bridge Players
I very briefly touch on ethics when we first talk about the alert and stop cards in bidding boxes.
Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
The important number to compute is how often this extra clarity gets you to a making games that a non-specific invite does not get you too, and how often it keeps you out of failing games that the generic invite would get get you to.
IMPed Pairs: towards a better datum
Ian, I don't see how the "opponents did something good" problem is any more a problem with IMP pairs than matchpointed pairs. At matchpoints it happens even more often as they can do it to you both in the play and the bidding!
Eric Leong's bidding problem: AK52 JT98 3 K985
My 1 was 2+ or 3+?
What are the benefits of sanctioned bridge?
certainly in my area I am aware of several casual groups that meet up at local bars to just play with friends. That is the type of people the bridge club should be attracting.
What are the benefits of sanctioned bridge?
In my eyes a successful club starts with a successful venue. If you already have a coffee shop/bar that people want to come to adding a card room to that is easy. At this stage you need a successful business on the side to support the bridge. If people ...
What are the benefits of sanctioned bridge?
They are paying for the venue. Make the venue somewhere they want to be.
First three classes
My general philosophy is to get cards in peoples hands as quickly and as often as possible, and to spend as little time a possible talking between the times they are playing. 1 - Mini-Bridge. a - Introducing the concept of tricks b - Play in NT c - Introduce trumps d - Play with ...
Request to Teachers: Knock It Off with the dang POINT COUNT!
The way to break the obsession with counting points is to point out that high card points are just one method of hand evaluation in general. Personally, I also avoid saying things like "shows X HCP", and rather say "shows an invitational hand or better". This separates the meaning of ...
For Table Teachers: Has anyone tried this?
Yes - In my experience it is vital to praise the good things. For example, in the free play sessions, when a pair have a good bidding sequence I occasionally interrupt the table as the dummy is being laid out to say something like "That's exactly how I would have ...

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