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July 17, 2017
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Homage to Michael Rosenberg
Because they were dealt 4 spades and need to come down to 3 cards?
Is this forcing?
3 must be GF with no clear direction, what else can it be?
Gazilli Questions - Meaning of opener’s rebids of 3M and 3NT?
1. I play this as the step below going via 2. Also denies 3 card support (they all go via 2). 2. As above. 3. I play the 3NT jump as showing exactly 2=7=2=2 with a 1 loser suit and scattered honours, 17-19 ...
Did The Blue Team Cheat?
@Steve. As I have said in the other thread, big data will pick up ch**ting even on a tiny fraction of hands. In fact the more data you have, the easier it is to determine if a pair is ch**ting on an ever smaller fraction of hands.
Forcing or Not?
Yeah, somewhere between "Non-forcing Invitational" and "To Play".
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
@SM Your standard for proof in proving a bridge player is "ch**ting" is insane. Have you never been "fixed by palookas". You seem to make the very strange assumption that a big data method requires that the perpetrators are ch**ting on every hand. It does not. Quite the ...
An Unlucky Board
Thanks for your comments Kit. I hadn’t fully considered the doubleton honour possibility. Your line wins per force in 15 cases (3 HH * 5 singletons) vs the line taken succeeding in only 10 (10 xx * 1 K singleton), and you line is also highly likely to succeed ...
An Unlucky Board
Thanks Richard. I'll bear that in mind for the next one!
An Unlucky Board
Fixed, thanks :)
More Forcing/NF Support Double Havoc
RH - The principle you state is certainly true for unobstructed auctions, but when, as here, the opponents are likely to bid (I would expect West to raise to 2 a sizable % of the time) our use of bidding space should be more uniform.

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