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July 17, 2017
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If you gave me a hand I would tend to visualise it in newspaper style layout but with cards instead of digits. I you then gave me the dummy for that deal I would visualise it in vertical columns of cards as you would layout the dummy on the table ...
Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
They are allowed to bid however they like in all cases. However, if they choose a call that is not comparable their partner will have to pass at their next turn and there may be lead restrictions if they end up defending. The director should also consider any potential UI ...
Stuart King's bidding problem: T54 --- T98542 QT75
Thanks all. Playing against an expert friend I bid as the panel suggested (and thought it was the clear choice), at the end of the round we discussed the hand and he suggested he would have passed with my hand. I found this quite surprising and just wanted to sanity ...
Gratuitous Question!!!
Kit seems to be suggesting that the question asker should be penalised if they had some values. The flaw in this is that a nefarious pair looking to abuse the rules could invert the meaning of asking this question and get away with it unchallenged forever. i.e. They could ...
Gratuitous Question!!!
So I could "play" question/silence inversion here and get away with it?
TD please
If I had been presented this situation without having been told about the UI I would have assumed the 4 bid was showing a control. It would not occur to me that passing was an option.
General rules for when a convention is in use
I initially agree to ignore a double, but any other interference and it's off. This is certainly not optimal, but is easy to remember and you can modify these sorts of things once you are more comfortable with the basics of it and have a feel for the problems ...
How to handle "anxious" newcomers?
Yes. The point being that without these kinds of sessions casual players do not come to clubs. These sessions achieve a lot: - Get new/casual players into the club. - Provide a less intimidating way to come to the club. - Get casual players to meet duplicate players - Provide a place for ...
How to handle "anxious" newcomers?
Don't play duplicate. (See my comment here for the numerous reasons duplicate is a terrible way to get new players into the game: I have recently started a friendly session at my club, primarily aimed at more casual players. The ...
Recommendation: Cardplay book for beginners
Thanks, I'll check out your YouTube playlist. When I first read Watson it really clicked with me. Likely due to myself being a mathematician. I think that this may also suit this student as they have a science background and are very keen, but its good to have a ...

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