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Stuart King
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July 17, 2017
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What does this 3!D bid mean?
I appear to have 8 tricks if 1 becomes the final contract, that a reasonable amount of defense. If it doesn't I will be able to act later.
Is this AI or UI?
David, in that case 50E4 would cover the need for an adjustment and probably a PP.
Barney Nisbet's bidding problem: 964 Q763 QJT72 Q
I’m not sure what you are suggesting we do. The opponents are going to bid to 4 whatever we do, if we support now partner will be able to find the sac when it’s right.
Director call vs. fun
Director calls are not a problem. In general, the behaviour that leads to them is. Their job is to fix problems that arise at the table in a fair and unbiased way, rather than have the players decide how to fix them.
Is this AI or UI?
My reading of Law 50E3 suggests that you are allowed to know that partner lead the 2 because it was a penalty card. To me 50E3 appears to be prohibiting drawing inferences from the action that lead to the 2 becoming a penalty card, rather than the fact it was ...
Is this AI or UI?
I disagree. I don't have to use any information about how a penalty card was created to know it was a penalty card.
UI or not?
Indeed. Before I read the poll options I had no idea if bidding was supposed to be disallowed or passing was!
UI or not?
Perhaps this: AKxx xx AKxxxx x But then again, I have no idea what P was tanking for. I also have no idea what was suggested by the UI.
Who should have done something else
I don't understand what is supposed to have gone wrong here. EDIT: The original North hand had a x rather than A. Given the new North hand, the pass over 4 is nuts.
Who should have done something else
Yes, the hand has been changed.

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