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Stu Goodgold
Stu Goodgold
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March 27, 2012
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Residing near San Jose (No. California). 

Board of Governors member

One time D21 District Director;

Former D21 President.

D21 board member.

Unit 507 board member.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Being dummy at 7D in a regional holding Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,-. I laid down the all-time best trump support.
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San Jose, CA
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Sapphire Life Master
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Defending a “psych”
To answer your 3rd question: while 2N is normally not alertable if it asks opener for more information, I do think this should be alerted if there can be hands that do not intend to raise to 4 regardless of North's reponse. Separate question: does this pair do ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
The OP, Mike Ash, has not filled in his profile, so it would normally be hard to determine where the deal took place. However, one of Mike Ash's secondary posts states: "Are others saying that South should not announce before the lead that he now realised that his bid ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
"The question in law is simply whether or not the South hand is more likely to produce game opposite a hand which would decline an invitation with spade values than opposite a hand which would decline a general invitation. I'd say no, and therefore allow the result to stand ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Not too many 14 yr olds are these days!
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Looks like most are voting for 1. Perhaps that's because you biased the voters into voting against you and for your wife. You should know not to open 1NT if your wife, or any other partner, would get upset about it.
A simple proposal to improve the game while earning clubs/directors extra income
Let's not forget the cost of the printing. Paper is about $.01 per page, and the ink can run from $.01 to $.03 a page depending on the type of printer,the cost of ink for that printer brand, and finally whether you print in color or B/W.
What would you say if you were director?
At the last NABC in our area, the I/N players were handed a bridge book as part of their registration package at the I/N desk. I would expect every one of them knew enough not to use the book while playing, even though they were supplied by tournament ...
What would you say if you were director?
Jim, your convention card is supposed to be on the table too. That doesn't mean you can look at it during the bidding, or look on the other side of itr for some previous scores, or notes that you wrote there.
What would you say if you were director?
Amy asked: "Can you think of another game where you are provided with an object that you are prohibited from using in a certain way while you are using it?" There are a large number of such games: Baseball: the pitcher can't throw intentionally at a batter. He can ...
What would you say if you were director?
Back in the earlier days of bridge there were devices called trump indicators. They were fanciful objects that had a pointer which you would set to point to the suit that was trump, or to No Trump. ACBL Headquarters at Horn Lake has a collection of these antique devices on ...

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