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Steven Mcgrahan
Steven Mcgrahan
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June 8, 2013
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Learned weak NT to start then Acol, then SA, then Precision and then 2/1 (the easiest to learn as more of a treatment). Now try for 2/1 and Precision but often get stuck with SAYC. Recently learned Mosca club with canape and Polish club.

Book i learned bidding most from Precision Bidding in Acol by Eric Crowhurst

Redoubled with overtricks:

2D+2, 3N+2, 4S+2, 2S+3, 1N+3, 1S+3, 2H+4, 4S+1, 4N+2


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Top 2015 Online pts U1000 for ACBL Unit 166
Favorite Tournaments
Hamilton Sectional
Favorite Conventions
fourth suit forcing
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Laura & Steve
2/1 GF
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Meck-Lite T-Precision
T-Precision 3.0
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Changing a card played after a revoke
Yes, If North had withdrawn his card. East could withdraw it's card (which becomes a penalty card)
Redoubling Isn't Rude
XX wasn't rude it was dumb. Gave opps a chance.
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Simple. The model must have ACBL host hotel rate at a very good price and be available.
Redoubling Isn't Rude
Your not playing in 1NX ever The question is are you getting 1100 from 5X and I doubt it.
$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
correct is cherry picking. I believe I qualified the reference in that manner. Open yours eyes and look at what is visible. There is something wrong in head office MS.
4 Convention Cards on the table possible motion
Because poster has you being responsible for checking that the opps have a card. Therefore if it turns out they dont have a card the opponents did not do their duty and potentially punished. The rule posted is not a real rule is clearly ridiculous and was posted to elicit ...
$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
"Poor executive management, over involved BOD with little current business knowledge." From the reviews in link above. Sure there is no assurance review is accurate. But spending $375,000 on something that isn't feasible isn't good management.
$375K ACBL Boondoggle & Hawaii Fallout!
Nice location - to not play bridge!?
4 Convention Cards on the table possible motion
Talk about Draconian. The current ACBL rule I believe is you use SAYC until you have 2 complete identical CC's at start of round, with a possible scoring penalty. Having an innocent bystander have to play SAYC the rest of the game is up there with wet noodles. And ...
No Drury in 4th seat?
Partner is still a passed hand, so a lot of the Drury reasons still apply. Drury allows you to play in 2M instead of 3M. Partners hand is not going to excite you probably without a fit. Drury is currently banned in 1st and 2nd in ACBL or I would ...

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