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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Bidding systems without forcing opening bid
"What might those artificial sequences be?" As I wrote, I've never used any, so I don't really know. I'd guess you'd want to use 3, or maybe the cheapest jump shift, as artificial and strong, but it's not clear what the followups should be ...
Meaning of this double?
"Do NOT pull..." That would not be everyone's interpretation of "penalty," and I don't think it's a wise one. See S. J. Simon's writings. As a practical matter, the double has to cover all hands that are too good to pass but not able to bid.
Bidding systems without forcing opening bid
I've played "no forcing opening" in several partnerships, and it works fine at both matchpoints and IMPs. If opener has an unbalanced hand, the deal is not going to get passed out. With a strong balanced hand, it might be, so you have to play 3NT strong (say 24 ...
Screens don't solve all problems
"I see nothing in the Laws about the Director making a ruling in the middle of a hand that a player has UI." It's not explicit in the Laws, but it's covered in TD training courses. If L16B2 isn't for the Director to make a ruling on ...
Screens don't solve all problems
Ah, there's the confusion. Calling the Director doesn't transmit anything across the screen. (Once called, the Director will have to ask players on the other side what happened.) In the "technically" course of events, the player says to his screenmate "I claim the tray came back slowly and ...
Screens don't solve all problems
Sorry, but I'm having trouble understanding what you don't see. The conditions in L16B2 are "When a player considers..." and "if they dispute...." Technically, a player who observes the slow tray can ask "Do you agree that your partner caused the tray to come back slowly?" Any awake ...
Deal rotated in the board
Dan's example is a good one. The Director needs to find out what happened at Table 21. If the board was played in normal form at T21 -- Table 20 is the only one that played it fouled -- then matchpoint all the results except T20, and use Neuberg to correct ...
Looking for UI explanation for beginners
Not hard to explain: the other "permanent beginners" do the same thing, and the experienced players don't bother calling the Director except for the most egregious cases. Overall we opponents probably benefit from the UI (AI to us) as much as the PBs do. At tournaments, the PBs are ...
Screens don't solve all problems
If you aren't sure what caused the tray to come back slowly, you can (unless screen regulations prohibit it, which they shouldn't), call the Director and ask for a ruling under L16B2. The Director should then investigate and say who, if anyone, is restricted by UI. Depending on ...
Looking for UI explanation for beginners
Thanks for all the comments. I should have been clearer about the target audience: it's mainly the "permanent beginners" who play at the club. They use UI probably a dozen times per session. Once a year they get ruled against and can't understand why. I was hoping for ...

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