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Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers
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Dec. 15, 2018
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about me

Grew up in UK and had some success before immigrating to Israel. Been playing on and off since 18.


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1st places: London Championship (1979), Tel Aviv championship (2001) Israel Mixed Championship (1992?) Israel Open Championship (2006)
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Top players playing weak (12-14) NT in a natural 2/1 system
thx i will check this out
Top players playing weak (12-14) NT in a natural 2/1 system
I forgot to stipulate a natural 5 majors system, so Acol is not of interest. I think that is clear enough but if not then; "A 2/1 FG or nearly FG system with 5 card majors and a 12-14 nt most of the time in which 1d shows at ...
The Curious Case of Schneider-Reithoffer v Mollo
Avon, I have followed your articles on cheating with interest but I think this time you are on shaky ground. Meredith, was known to have a predilection for bidding the spade suit, even if he had only three of them. In the 1955 World Championship final against the USA out ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
The rules surely allow this so what's the ethical problem? There is a practical problem in that your opponents may be thinking about something different from what you are thinking of or (very rare but it happens) trying to mislead you.
Steve Rogers's bidding problem: KJ54 Q92 AQT53 6
I passed, partner tells me 4s is automatic, is it?
Steve Rogers's bidding problem: JT32 AJ987 953 6
I am interested in how many bid 1h, automatic according to one of my partners who maybe was influenced by the result......
What is a No-trump range?
I run into many players here in Israel who open 14 counts 15-17 1NT often for tactical purposes (for example they are 3rd in hand NV or playing with a client) and with no disclosure. It's difficult to prove and also a hassle and time waster to call the ...
Return attitude not original 4th best
"The general rule is...when you have three or more cards left, lead the card that was originally your fourth best" This is from Woolsey's partnership defence (1980). Brock in "Expert Defence" (1997) implies the same idea. Is this still expert practice?
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thanks Fred, it was a pleasure meeting you at e-bridge here in Israel many years ago and there is no doubt that BBO showed the way forward for online bridge. Look me up if you ever come here again :)
Was anyone at fault here?
East if anyone but i can understand his pass as west may be pushing because three spades is competitive.
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