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Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson
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Jan. 19, 2011
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Sept. 20
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Bridge Pro
about me
I worked as a programmer til I retired in 1996. I've been married since 1976 and have a daughter 32 years old.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
tearing up and playing 9 diamonds when playing in my club void
Bridge Accomplishments
winning Rosenbloom in 1986
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Peter Boyd
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washington bridge league
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Grand Life Master
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I use DOPI or DEPO based on the situation. 2spades (p) 4NT (6hearts), I would double 6hearts with zero, pass with one and bid 6spades with two. How could partner not want to be in slam with two keys when I could easily have none and he wouldn't expect ...
Flipping for Winning
what the ACBL needs is a place where you can put your cell phone during the event.
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
If my cell phone goes off, I'm exempt from getting a penalty. My cell phone is in my room!
When do you double for the lead (or otherwise) against this bidding to 7N holding an A?
Usually you make your safest lead against 7NT. Double says "I have an ace find it". Therefore you lead one of the opponent's short suit where the ace might go away. It's usually just a guess.
1m-(1M)-3M: splinter OR asking opener to bid 3NT
I play Eastern cuebids. After 1diam (1sp) - 2sp - (pass) - 3diam (P) 3spades says I have a stopper bid 3nt. 3hearts says do something intelligent and bid 3nt with a stopper.
"I always ask"
If this was in ACBL land, what I would have done is to call the Director when I found out what the 2diamonds opener meant. It is certainly a mid-chart convention and requires a pre-alert and an ACBL legal defense. You're not allowed to make up your own defenses ...
Delayed 2S by opener show extra or possibly weak 6??4 ?
pass if partner bids 2hearts with #1
Delayed 2S by opener show extra or possibly weak 6??4 ?
I'd rebid 2clubs with both of the following hands Q10xxxx/x/Ax/AJxx. If partner passes 2clubs I'm happy. If partner bids 2spades I'm happy also. Q10xxxx/A/Ax/AQxx. If partner passes 2clubs, we don't belong in spades. If partner preferences spades, I'll raise
Should Michaels require an alert?
its very simple. Whenever, the opponents make a direct cuebid always ask. If you always ask, then there can't be unauthorized information between you and your partner. Cuebids are self-alerting bids. I'm consistent because I ask the meaning of most early alerts so I can follow the auction ...
1!s vs 2!s after Neg X
After 1Minor - (1heart) - double - (Pass) 2spades shows 11-14 with four spades and 1spade shows three spades It's as if the auction went 1minor - (1heart) - 1spade - (pass) - 2spades Same after 1club (1diamond) - double (Pass) 1major shows three 2major shows 11-14 with four. Bidding this way makes overcaller have to continue ...

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