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Steve Myerson
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April 13, 2013
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Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: --- AQ875 J94 QJ832
I have no spades and East doesn't have enough to support. So partner is marked with them.
Recommend a partnership style
Invite conservatively. Accept aggressively.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: QJ742 KJ865 A9 K
East has 6 losers. West has less than a limit raise. It's doubtful West can cover 3 of the losers. Pass for me.
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: Q65432 7 74x KJ3
So if it's the 3 you'd open? :)
Ulrich Voigt's bidding problem: AK2 AJT3 KQJ86 A
Ugly problem to be sure. I'm a 4N bidder and I'll bid the slam if partner has both the ace of diamonds and queen of spades. I realize that we could be on a 4-3 spade fit.
Wolfhart Umlauft's bidding problem: 87 A94 Q3 AKJT95
1N right sides NT for the diamond suit, but wrong sides it for the majors. If the bidding goes 1N - 3N, guess what is more likely to be led.
responding to 1NT overcall
[b]You need to define what the transfer into the enemy suit means[/b] The "enemy suit" is 1 No Trump. Not sure what you mean here.
Heitor Paoli Barbosa's bidding problem: AKTxx x AKJTxxx ---
[b]i'd be happier playing 6 -1 then 5 +1 in this deal.[/b] I'm sure your teammates will be overjoyed too.
Andy Stark's bidding problem: K42 QT987 K2 AK2
That's North's hand? What's wrong with 3 instead of 3N?
Andy Stark's bidding problem: K42 QT987 K2 AK2
[b]Partner has they type of hand that was not interested in more than game except with fit.[/b] South has shown a preference to 4 over 3N. The level of fit is undetermined. With a real good fit, South could have super-accepted.
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