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Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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about me

Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

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I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
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Betty, my one and only.
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Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Double on bergen/mixed raise
As do we.
BridgeWinners Golden Raspberry Awards 2019
Many sports measure success by "unforced errors". I have always found that a bit naive. Take tennis - isn't it easier to make an error if the ball is hit at 80 mph, with lots of spin, than at 30, flat, and down the middle? I make many more errors ...
Declarer play problem
If it was right to cash two diamond honors before playing the third club, they could easily have played the third club themselves. Certainly, if West started with KQJ in clubs, playing the third club was easy. (What carding were they using? Did 8, then 7 show a doubleton?) When ...
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
So North didn't recognize the bid. That doesn't mean North holds nothing in spades. The spade ace could work out quite poorly. It seems necessary only when partner has the length we expect, and strength in the suit. But then, wouldn't partner double three spades?
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
Yes! If the call was alerted, West might well double three spades. North, thinking the call shows spades, might still bid 3NT - running diamonds, and a heart stopper. East would certainly lead a spade then. North would never score 720. However, there is some chance that North would pass the ...
How do you plan to bid this hand?
I open 1 playing with a real partner, in first seat. I open 2NT playing with a robot. In third seat, I can live with 1 or 2NT, or even 1NT. No strong feelings there.
How do you plan to bid this hand?
Sounds like an argument for opening 2NT. 1NT won't freeze out LHO with majors. 2NT might.
Question about declarer's sides obligations when an incorrect explanation has been given
Harald has this right. Everyone else seems to have missed this point. If 2 showed diamonds, it would not be alerted. The alert woke up one player. After that, they really can't end up in 3NT.
How would you proceed?
That theory is advanced quite a lot, but is really only valid double-dummy. A typical case , no one vulnerable: five hearts is off 300. Four spades makes is we can cash only one heart. It is down if both cash. We have nine hearts. Thus: 40% of the time, we ...
Apportion the blame - no play slam
Seems like I opened up a can of worms. Oh well. Sure, the heart queen is a potential trick facing 10xxx. But only a potential trick. The queen of clubs, facing that A109, is a full trick. That heart queen, facing 10xxxx is pulling very little weight. The queen of ...

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