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Steve Bloom
Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

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I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
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Betty, my one and only.
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Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Is there a better line?
I don't see any reason to cash the heart queen. Win the club, spade to the jack. If it loses, I'll need spades 3-2. Win the diamond, cash the heart queen, spade ace, king. If they tap dummy, spade king, diamond ace, draw the last trump, overtake heart ...
Board 15 in USA2 vs. Sweden QF Bermuda Bowl (47th Board of QF match)
No. If you knew that the lead was from a six card suit, rising might be right. But rising can never win and will often lose if the lead is from four or five.
Board 15 in USA2 vs. Sweden QF Bermuda Bowl (47th Board of QF match)
You said, several times, that declarer makes with this line if South held KJxx or KJxxx in spades. Why? Seems like this line is in jeopardy unless South covers that first spade. Take the play as it went: Spade queen, which holds, spade to the ace, spade. Oops, two spade ...
Moysian Fit Declarer Play
How will you handle your entries, ducking a round of diamonds? I would rather develop spades, and keep control, so I duck the opening lead. Some of the time, West plays a trump for me, and I am in decent shape. Otherwise, I plan of trumping one club, drawing trumps ...
BBR13: Italy vs. USA2
What was the 1nt range on board 4? In three spades, declarer must guess clubs. At the key point, West will have shown xxx AQ KQJ109 ?xx. Looks too strong for a 14-16 point 1NT with the club ace, but South could go either way if the range was 15-17.
Obeying signals vs being practical
Can't really answer this without seeing the full hand, and auction. However, in general - do I risk the contract trying for an extra undertrick, based solely on partner's SP signal at trick two, before the full hand became clear? At IMPs, never. Not close. Such a signal could ...
Off the rails again
More to the point: East would, and should, show the diamond king over three spades. Four spades denies the ace or king of diamonds. Over five clubs, East now knows his club suit is golden, but the diamond control might be important. So East should bid five diamonds on that ...
An Information Squeeze
No, I meant your choice, late in the play, to play the diamond king, rather than a low diamond to the queen. Either works.
Why don't DBL?
Alas, partner had AQJx KQ10x AQ109x -, and led a diamond, -180. In the mean-time (since you held the spade nine), they scored up a spade game at the other table.
An Information Squeeze
Looks equivalent to me.

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