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Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
Thanks, Kerry! Yupp, agreed. Pagan seems to be the name for it :) ps. I like it, too! It's pretty clever :)
Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
Correct. That's a tradeoff for landing in the best contract, when overcaller has majors, and advancer is 3-3, 2-3, 3-2, or 2-2 in the majors. But, statistically, when advancer has short spades plus opps staying silent, overcaller is considerably more likely to have both majors.
Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
Added 2M = Natural in the OP.
Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
The downsides I see of this convention compared to DONT-ish, is that you cannot show a single-suited minor (or both minors) on the 2-level, and have no bids to show 5M+4m. But instead get better precision for all other 5-4 hands. There's pros and cons to everything :)
Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
Well, that sounds like the DONT convention... The immediate downside of that compared to this "no-name"(?) convention is, that when overcaller is 5-4/4-5, advancer will not know which suit is longer, and you might not play in your best suit. Also, I have played DONT (X=any single-suiter) in ...
Does this 1NT-defence have a name?
At MP, of course, if you're lucky, the 4-3 heart contract might still come out the killer, too :)
Garbage Stayman
You never use garbage stayman with only 4-4 i majors?
Garbage Stayman
>"how could you transfer to invite." He doesnt transfer with invite. 2C stayman followed-up by 3M is nat invite. I guess with 10-12 1NT-opening, it gets much more important to land the non-game-going responders in the best contract.
Garbage Stayman
Thanks @Kit! Just wondered, what means "2 Non-forcing Stayman" ? Opener could pass 2 with long clubs? Or just means that 2 denies GF values? Also, what's the meaning of 1NT-2, and 1NT-2 in your structure? Where is the invitational response with 5-card major?
"Icebreaker" convention?
Thanks, @Magnus! That looks like a decent start, though :)

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