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Surely not another missed game with 10 trumps
I dislike the redouble most. Silly meaningless bid w trumpsupport and nothing in 2 side suits, where u do NOT want opps into the auction. Then passing out with a known 6-3 fit or better, and the strong oppo on lead.... :(
Modern Precision 2!C Followup question
@Martin -- with 6 card M, we generally open 1M (or 2D-Multi with 8-11). Only with 5M + 4x 13-15, we bid canapé. And it's very rare that they can preempt you from showing your 5cd suit -- unless it's actually right to shut up, anyways :) Playing this way for abt ...
Modern Precision 2!C Followup question
@Donald -- it works much better in a canapé-system. Otherwise, I dont like it either.
Modern Precision 2!C Followup question
The precision style 2 opening, where opener may or may not have a 4-card major sidesuit, is generally awkward and will continue to give you hard-to-solve bidding scenarios. A both attractive and profound solution is to switch to a canapé system where you open a 4-card major whenever you ...
Declarer thoughts
That hand looks like an automatic 1S overcall to me. The heart suit+extras i might later show with 2H or delayed Double.
Control-Showing Responses to Strong 2!c Openings: General Thoughts?
Crazy amounts of search results but the one that matches best is not on the first page
Yes, I agree the BW search-function is generally quite useless. Workaround is instead to google: "anyone else not thrilled"
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
We play a strong-1(16+) canapé-system, so 1 is 4+ 10-15pts. The scheme we use is: 1-2*(5+)-2-2* = Artifical GF with 5+. 1-2*(5+)-2-2NT = Nat invite with 5. 1-2* = Artifical, general game-invite ...
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
Yes, he is free to rebid a long/strong spade suit with poor fit.
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
After 1 opening, we have sequences to invite with 5+5m (2 transfer, then 3m). But they are extremely rare in practice. Still actually never had any such hand come up.

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