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Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
I was just thinking, if u hav a specific bid to show AKxxxx in a minor without side values, opener can simply count our tricks. With >=9 he bids 3NT, otherwise not :)
Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
>"It looks like AKxxxx will make about 50% of the time, so confirmed that there's no need to think of that as invite." Why is that? What if u had a bid that shows just that hand, and opener bids 3NT when it makes, and rejects when it doesn ...
Where did East-West go wrong on this hand?
Cuebid 2 is here in balancing position, which probably made East a bit apprehensive. A reasonable(common?) general approach is that balancer simply adds a king(3hcp) to his hand, while advancer subtracts the same, then both players bid the same as if the balancing bid were in second ...
WBF is this alertable
If it's non-invitational, doesn't it also imply 4-4 in majors? Unless it shows "hearts, strength unknown, spades unknown" (a clearly unplayable system), or if with a new partner you never discussed it, I would alert it.
2-Under Transfers in a Strong Club System
>"The unbalanced hand should show while the balanced hand asks" What's the rationale for that? At a glance, I think the opposite seems more desirable, but never heard this principle before...
2-Under Transfers in a Strong Club System
>"Structuring a relay system to adjust for right-siding the contract will drive you crazy." The structuring and design part has already been done. To my knowledge, nobody went crazy :)
Right-siding a contract
And even if they know sthg abt declarer's distribution, defence is generally harder to navigate with majority of honor cards hidden rather than tabled.
Right-siding a contract
I don't know the numbers, but can be calculated w dd-analyzer of course. But it's not only what CAN be made. If the big hidden hand becomes declarer after relay sequence where defence knows virtually nothing abt his hand it's much more likely they fail to find ...
Opening leads against suit contracts from Jxxx and Txxx (no sequence) in an unbid suit
OP says: "all other suits seem worse to lead."
2-Under Transfers in a Strong Club System
> "designing the whole system to try to right-side is a mistake. " No, after strong-1C-opening it's clearly not. It can be a "mistake" on a single specific hand, of course, but in the long run, you will clearly gain by letting the strong *AND* undisclosed hand declare. > "we don't ...

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