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Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: J3 AQ3 QJ8543 Q8
What exactly do you mean by "strictly-situational" here?
ATB - Missed slam
>"Even if North has 2 spades and 4 hearts, spades is probably the best strain." "Traditional wisdom" is that 4-4 will often/sometimes give you an extra trick... but not on this one? Why exactly is that? Under which circumstances is that not true? Just hoping to learn something.... :)
Systems on after 2!C - 2NT?
Never use 2-2NT as natural, it's only silly. Reply 2 and let opener describe.
Some help needed.
The other example, xxx Ax AQJx AQJx, is a really tricky one -- fortunately very rare in real life -- hope I never get that one :) Having opened 1, for lack of better, I would probably rebid 2 and see what might develop...... if lucky, on the next round I ...
Some help needed.
>"Say you pick up Kxx Ax AQJx KJ10x and opened 1m. 1m (Pass) 1♥ (1♠) ? I would double (wouldn't you?)" What is the reason for doubling with this hand, if you play support-doubles? If LHO passes and pard bids 1NT or 2, you still need to show your ...
Some help needed.
If they bid 2 of responder's suit, X could also be a 4-card support (with an honor) in a minimum hand, I would suppose? Thus, stricly not support-doubles (meaning 3-card support).
Some help needed.
Support-doubles apply if *OUR* suit is still biddable at the 2-level. Thus, as long as RHO bids a lower bid than 2 of responder's suit. Wether it applies after RHO's 1NT is a matter of agreement. I think the default is: NOT over 1NT?
Unlucky - or what?
>" When I cashed dummy's ♦Q..." From the diagram, looks like South, holding Q, is declarer...
Botching BBO bots encore une fois
a) I have asked BBO to remove that annoying 2NT bid (just answer 2 instead and let opener describe) since there is no possible way to locate a 4-4 fit in any suit after that. All 3-level bids after 2NT show 5+suit. b) The other issue "everything is ...
Doug Couchman's bidding problem: KJ63 Q976 --- KT943
Thinking again, the first double should not be garbage-stayman after overcall, so then shows invite+. Then pd denies 4-card major, so we can just pass 3. Still not sure I will have an easier decision next round, though... :)

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