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handling interference over our 1NT opening
With this hand, why did i Double rather than 2NT Leb? If i planned to show red suits, I must rebid 3, not 3.
handling interference over our 1NT opening
Technically, I believe Double followed by 3 of unbid major should be the 5+ GF sequence in this situation. Since with signoff we bid 2NT Leb, with invitational we bid direct 3H. Transfer Leb loses the club invite. But I think it's rare to play that way. In the ...
I can not type on BBO
From "It's a bug with flash. Clicking in the URL bar, or switching tabs as suggested, will resolve it." Is that your issue? If so, you can use the new flash-free version instead:
4H odds?
4H odds?
South (after canapé 1H opening).
Suit handling Q?
Hmm... yes... if RHO wins the Ace on the first round, Suitplay says you should play for the drop --- AJ with RHO. But then, RHO could always win the Ace from Ax, too...? Curious situation...
3NT play
@steve Well, almost... Rho could hold spades H98 :)
3NT play
This bd was played in the "gold-points" competition in Malmö, Sweden, yesterday. One might expect North to declare NT most of the time, after a std sequence of 1-1-1-1 or 2 NT. But apparently, few players bid honestly these days... :) (Another possibility, of course, is that South ...
3NT play
What's the four word answer, Michael? I missed your course, sorry :)
3NT play
Ok... Why attack hearts first?

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