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Stefan Olausson
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June 6, 2016
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How to Get Average
You forget to mention which contracts we are in.
How to Get Average
"so it looks like we'll make the contract either when trumps come home (50%) or when East has both club honors (26%)--63% in all." Also add a few % for east having Hx.
"Which hands that contain fewer than 4-card ♥ would double 1♠?" Maybe one of those? a) xxx KQx Kxxx Jxx b) xxx KQx Kxxx Qxx c) xxx KQx Axxx Qxx Not ideal for NT without sp-stop, a bit too strong for pass(?), neither 2 (vs 2+ opener), nor 2 ...
Even tougher, what do you do with these a) xxx Jxx Kxxx AQx b) xxx Jxx Axxx AQx after 1-(1)?
Stefan Olausson's lead problem: A3 T AQJ97 AT865
This was the actual deal:
How and when do you try for slam - or don't you?
Re. Option 1 --- why would I ever double with this hand? What is that supposed to mean?
Why was this easy slam missed?
I particularly detest the jump to 3 with a semi-balanced hand and tolerance for either 5+major. It's a bid that should generally be avoided, because it wastes so much useful space and gets in the way of the strong opener. Start 2-2-2-3, and ...
Bot Forum: Are Bots too Human?
re "ethics side of bidding" my view is that it does not exists in robot-tourneys. If you think you found a way to explore robot-weaknesses, it's just part of the game. I really don't know if the above example (concealing the long suit) is a winner or loser ...
Bot Forum: Are Bots too Human?
Yes, GIB robots are very weak in many defensive situations because they have virtually no defensive signals or agreements. Not only that, they also draw no conclusions from earlier play. I had a spectacular example yesterday, I was declarer, and during the play RHO-bot played a small heart from AQx ...
The value of videos
hehe... true, it's a tricky area :)

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