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Stefan Olausson
Stefan Olausson
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June 6, 2016
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3!C Competitive or Invitational
With the good hand, doubler could also be, typically 4=2=4=3. Not necessarily club length.
Five-level Cue-bid
3!C Competitive or Invitational
3C = Competitive NF with clubs and only 4 hearts. And I prefer us to win the contract. With game interest, there are so many clearer routes to take -- including XX, not mentioned in the OP. Don't make life hard on pd when you don't need to.
Valuation of (Sub?)-minimal 5 Card Major Openings
From his description, looks like this one:
Surrounding Play
>"If you lead the king, partner will give a suit-preference signal." Just curious, how does this work when leading from KQ(x..)? On King lead, will pard always give SP? Even when the Ace appears in dummy? Or pard has the Ace? Or can you lead the Queen from KQ ...
Stefan Olausson's lead problem: A9876 A8 43 T932
You should try it, Richard. And become a millionaire, too. :)
How an AI program mastered the ancient game of Go
@Chris Ryall How would you actually apply that definition to Bridge, you suggest? On a specific deal, we can compute the "par result" and compare to that --- but to the game in general? Bridge involves a lot of probabilites, guesswork and such. But Go, Chess, etc, are total-information to both ...
What means 2!S here?
So with 2 or fewer spades, South will bid on looking for a better strain?
Meaning of 1!c - 1!d - 1!h - 1!s
>"1♣ - 1♦ - 1♥ - 2♠ is used to show a GF hand by responder with 5+ ♦ and 4 ♠" If that is given as an assumption, 1-1-1-1 apparently is 4SF. You might as well bid 1 with the + hand, too, since opener can conveniently bid ...
NABC Individual: Robot Coding Horror?
>"running the same simulation twice may very well lead to different results" Only based on my experience with robot play-records, I figured they intentionally initialize the random-generators with identical seeds for each deal to ensure the simulations will always yield identical results in identical situations. I have never noticed, though ...

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