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Stan Christie
Stan Christie
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June 25, 2011
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about me

Long time bridge player, grew up on Eastern Scientific, moved to Seattle area in 1990 and have been playing 2/1 and Precision since then.  You'll find me at 1 or 2 NABCs and many Pacific NW tournaments per year.

United States of America

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Multiple versions of a bidding or lead poll
I suspect a hand "keyword" might have to accompany a post, similar to a hashtag, that would allow index/search. Something like #AKxx/Ax//QJTxxxx Since all variants of spots would produce unique keywords, they would have to be translated to the more generic format shown above, or something similar ...
Congratulations to John Adams
Congrats, John!
A Small Request for a Big New Year
How about SOS, which sounds just like what it is intended to mean - Help?
Use of resources
I wonder if anyone has monitored/analyzed movement (if any) of ACBL players to online bridge. Is this a thing? Are the numbers significant? As the bridge population ages, it becomes more feasible for members to keep "active" by playing online. Geographic issues play a role here, too. I don ...
13 tops but how do you get there?
1nt (10-13) - 2 (art. gf or weak ) 2 - 2nt (gf, shape ask) 3 (5 card minor) - 3 (which?) 3 () - 4 (k/b) 4 (0/3) - 7nt (must be 3, count 13 tops)
Stan Christie's bidding problem: 7 AT84 A72 AKQ87
I also believe this was a no-brainer problem, but wanted to check to see if anyone could come up with another call. Thanks for your responses.
ATB -620 instead of +620
I held the west cards in this deal and voted that west was at fault, but the auction shown is not completely accurate. West dealt and passed, then the auction proceeded as above. This presents west with an additional option to cuebid 3 hearts en route to 4 spades, showing ...
BRUNO Wins Senior Swiss
Congratulations to you and your teammates, Steve!
Poker and Computers/AI
Let's face it, computers overtaking humans in bridge is just around the corner. Based on the steady march of games and applications in which computers have excelled, it is inevitable! Sigh ...
Question for the matchpoint mavens
I would have bid 3d, and now that I did I have to examine the right level. I can't pass 3d in good conscience, so it's either 4s or 5d. Given form of scoring, I opt for 4s, but would likely bid 5d at imps.

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