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Spencer Hurd
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Life Master, 7001 points, retired Professor of Mathematics at The Citadel in Charleston SC. 2 yrs military, 4 yrs aerospace engineer, 5 yrs High Sch Math Teacher, Sire of Champions (John and Andy Hurd), novelist, former Georgia Chess Champion, owner of two donkeys (no, not my sons). I Chaired 2 sectionals and 1.5 regionals, and served Unit 160 (SC) as a board member and Editor of quarterly Newsletter for several years. I have four college degrees and four more in recurring nightmares which put me back as a student. Spouse Shirley and I now live in the boondocks in south Georgia about 60 miles north of Tallahassee where there are many friendly players. 

United States of America

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E-mail To Pinky About 2W-NMF
Yes, my son john and some of his teammates play this, sort of. After 1C, a response of 2D is 10-15 with clubs and 2H is 16+ with clubs. Similarly for diamonds. A sort of Modified Criss-Cross. Thank you for the reference.
E-mail To Pinky About 2W-NMF
Yes I see your point. I wonder if this can be done after Opener's 1NT bid - Responder follows that 1NT with a jump to the 3-level. I appreciate the ideas. There is a lot to digest at this point.
E-mail To Pinky About 2W-NMF
Here 1C-1H 1NT-3C this is weak with clubs (usually 5). Also, 1D-1H 1NT-3C again weak with clubs (usually 6) But 1D-1H, 1NT-2C 2D-3C invitational with clubs (opener has at least 2 clubs so this might be passed. 1C-1H 1NT-2C 2D-2S here responder is 4-4 or 4-5 in the majors with ...
E-mail To Pinky About 2W-NMF
With 5 in responder's major, the auction goes differently- 1D-1H 1NT-2C 2D-2H Here 2C forces 2D and 2H shows 5 with about 11 points (say 10+ to 12-). Now opener places the contract. This is part of 2-Way. Both responder's 2C and 2D are artificial. 2C (for invitational ...
Defend 4!H: Common Game 6/28/17 Bd 20
Difficult hand for all. I got the K lead (I opened 1NT and played 2 after a transfer). I won the A, won the club ace, ruffed a club. Led to my K and ruffed a 3rd club. I pulled a 2nd heart and led a third trump. North ...
What do you think?
In the context of a big club type system, passing 1 can be a challenge to the unwary opponents with up to 8-9 points. [Bidding 1NT with the actual holding, if a tactic, must be alerted. If once every couple of years, I suppose the point is moot.] But ...
A Little Snag in Six Notrump
These are good points. I confess - I thought it better for me to get information than to worry about what the fine points of my bids might imply. My hearts reassured me that 6NT should be in the picture and that the East hand should declare if possible. If partner ...
A Little Snag in Six Notrump
I agree, and thought about this sort of hoped for misplay (too late) as I surveyed the hand - no one will misplay in clubs after the 2 bid. I assumed the squeeze in the black suits would be problematic since I have to discard 3 of my own spades ...
A good question. It cannot be right to pass, at any form of scoring. The reason is that partner may have a very strong hand. Why should you decide this issue? That said, as pointed out several times, this is a terrible 9-count. I think it's not good to ...
Basically, the rule is this: no matter what your action is, your opponents may call attentiuon of the director to the BIT. Then later, if they receive any "bad" result whatever, then they are due redress unless you (and a panel) can convince the director that about 80% of those ...

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