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Nov. 27, 2015
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Clear as MUD (USA2 vs Bulgaria SF Segment 3 board 15)
7-3-2-1 is just under 2% (18 hands in 1000) 7-2-2-2 is just over 0.5% (5 hands in 1000) The HQ false card might work very well 4H is a better contract than 4S as you can discover one major suit distribution - hearts - before tackling spades
Flying to Lyon? Be prepared. Flying out? Leave many hours or you may miss your flight
I flew out of Lyon on Tuesday and the extra security took very little time. Lyon the city is empty and the airport the same. I arrived early only to find the check in didn't open til 2 hours before take off. Online check in clearly optimal Essentially - this ...
Worst bids ever? Best bids ever?
I had my first full-time job at The Acol. Jane and Andrew co-managed the club. I will not forget her. She had a brilliant bridge brain.
The Cowboy and the Lady
No - nothing frivolous intended. I'm reminded of Reese's Play these Hands with me with a touch of Mollo with your own distinctive style. I agree about Kit's corner and the format as you say. I also like books - I've read bridge books into the small hours ...
Cell Phone Suggestion
Personally I think it's absurd. Hanging phones round your neck in a plastic bag. Really? Phones on the table - bonkers. There's barely enough space as it is. It certainly would not stop cheating. Any self-respecting cheat (do they respect themselves? - I doubt it) would have several phones. Perhaps ...
Mr. Ernest Bergholt, one of the greatest ever Bridge stars
Thanks Ken - fascinating stuff. Can you tell me how I might get hold of your book and the costs please
The Raibidpura Success Story just got better
Great to see this - alas the Youth Bridge section on BW gets many fewer views. I intend to be revisiting Raibidpura in October.
LaTeX version of convention cards?
what are these new conventions allowed?
The Cowboy and the Lady
Great writing. Great hand. Raising the bar - bridge book awaited....
Stuck on a boat - bbo rubber bridge anyone?
It's looking like I may be home alone in France tomorrow before I head to Lyon for Friday. If that works - not sure what you had in mind didn't know rubber bridge was a thing on BBO

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