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Shireen Mohandes
Shireen Mohandes
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April 9, 2014
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about me

I live and work in London, England. My profession is "Business Analyst" in the Broadcast and Advertising Industry.

I compete in events in the UK, USA (about once every 7 nationals). Have played in festival and championships in many countries (25+) so I appreciate the need to adapt to the conditions of the contest, variations of regulations that apply to the event.

I write a regular 2-3 page column for a UK title called Bridge, published by MrBridge. In the past i've written for 5 other titles.

My current series of articles focus on bridge between 1925 and 1965.

Am researching the life of S J Simon and Carmel Withers and would appreciate any input from people.

I sometimes direct at clubs.

A long time ago I read the laws of bridge. I re-read the parts that have changed and are important. I think it is important to know the rules (not the really obscure ones) and I also thing that it is great idea to follow them. This levels the playing field.

I would like people to come to the table with a completed convention card. Sometimes I want to look for something without them knowing what I am trying to find out it. If I need details I ask.  The response "I don't have a card, just ask me and I will tell you", is just terrible.

When I can improve on something or disagree with something, instead of ranting, I write to the authorities to ask them to reconsider the matter.

Along with Andy Bowles, we warmly invite bridge players to participate in Online Barbu  (see ). If you are interested you will be in the good company of fellow bridge players.

United Kingdom

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Andy Bowles
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Young Chelsea (London, England)
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Fall Nationals, USA
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Rosenkrantz double of splinters
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Michael: most of the commentators want people to ask more questions. When David Gold did the pilot, it was really great that so many spoke, and they were good questions. I can change a setting to mute on login, then ask people to unmute when they talk (then remute ... wait ...
Over My Shoulder – 2 videos: Chris Willenken, and Adam Wildavsky
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I have watched the team at every stage. I predict some successful careers as pro quizzers. They are a highly entertaining team to watch.
"over the shoulder" realtime self-commentary of some boards - Today at 5:30 EST (29 march)
I think we had about 45 online today, so thank you very much to the specs. The real time questions and the comments made it interesting. Zach was a brilliant commentator, and we think the format works really well. More of these events in the coming days. Comments and suggestions ...
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The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
I think if they was any bad behaviour, they would not have ended up in 7 doubled, against a small slam.
"over the shoulder" realtime self-commentary of some boards - Today at 5:30 EST (29 march)
Martin, I will definitely record this next one. So watch this space. I did not record the first one (various minor reasons).
20 volunteers needed today at 2:25pm eastern (6:25pm UK time) - technology/join test
Thank you all, it sent really well, much more smoothly than expected. You will see more of these events (but for real, rather than test). We had about 50 specs, with plenty of conversation. Especially grateful to Dessi Malakova and Petar Ivanov for helping out at the last moment. They ...

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