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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Ruby Life Master
Sam Shawn
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2 over 1
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And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
That makes sense to me, but seems for many not enough to overcome flaws of 2:
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: T63 AT6 6532 976
I had thought too, but a strong player offered that she preferred 2
And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
Yes, my point was just that while I agree with what Marty says, in the alternate universe where they do NOT play Texas transfers it's not clear to me whether transferring to 2 and then raising to 4 should be a slam try. So maybe even with the ...
And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
I do not think it is necessarily a worse story this way since it more closely matches real life. Personally, I would prefer to bid A10x and keep the bidding at the one level if I'm going to have to bid a 3 card suit.
Tied pairs winners in a 5 table howell.
There was a recent Bridgeworld article (the series with arrogant bridge robot) where something like this happened. In the article, they had an overtime where they played some extra boards.
And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
"I wrote this late last night and wanted to finish the story" I feel part of the story is lost if both N and S are doing silly things.
Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
"The frequency of these holdings, as with almost any specific holding, is low - opener would accept on about 1/70,000 hands." I agree that there is not much utility in an invitational sequence that opener will accept 1 in 70,000 times, but I'm suspicious of your math ...
And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
If you do not play Texas transfers is that still what that sequence means?
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: AQxxxx AJ --- QJTxx
"If so, why don't I just wait and do so next round?" Because it might go all pass?
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: 53 KQ65 AT6 AK97
if you bid 4, do you give up over partner's 5?

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