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Sept. 2, 2015
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Figuring out non-obvious suit-handlings at the table?
You can try Bridge CCAnalyser: - web version: - Android app:
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
I think that the real difference is between 1NT-then-Pass (points, heart stopper, eventual diamond length) and 2-then-Double (points but nothing about red colors).
A strange opening lead
Yes. In the actual hand, at least. West: AJxx xx Kxxx Jxx East: Qxx Jxx xx Axxxx
A strange opening lead
Thank you. However, you can only win if you finesse the Q (or J). West's hand was: AJxx xx Kxxx Jxx. Was it just a strange deal? Yes, the bidding looks strange, but what about the opening lead? Can the winning plan be inferred from the opening lead? This ...
A strange opening lead
@Stefan: I don't know ;-) I've found that hand in an italian bridge forum and the bidding was not explained. I can just guess that 3 was third suit forcing - and can't understand why South did not bid 3NT. As to the diamonds, according to W.S ...
A strange opening lead
This was my conclusion, but it was wrong... If West has the K a trump lead is a suicide. But if West has two black aces, can hardly have the K. From his point of view the K can be in dummy, and a passive trump lead looks very dangerous ...
A strange opening lead
Thanks! Edited.
Editor GUI-tool for handviewer deals?
Double Dummy Solver: You can: - load a lin/pbn file - select a deal and play it - press F5 (Input custom deal) and edit the current deal - add the new deal to the current file or save it as a new file - play the new ...
How to bid 7!C?
Yes, I think that Precision can help a lot here. But what if we swap minors?
European Championship Exact Location
I've updated my map:
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