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Serge de Muller
Serge de Muller
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March 17, 2011
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20 hours ago
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about me

full time player and ACBL certified teacher



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Jean René Vernes, Bridge Moderne de la Défense, Paris 1966
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represented Argentina in World Mind Sport Games Beijing 2008
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available and looking for
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San Diego Adventures in Bridge
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USA National, WBF and European Open
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Sapphire Life Master
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When they double 3NT
usually the X requested the spade lead but as they found out requesting a Major lead is more uselful only if you are able to find the right one
Assess the blame (15)
yes 3♥ means fit no interest, no heart fit than the bid is 3NT
Assess the blame (15)
3 spades is overbidded but South has a 3NT bid over 3 spades and therefore putting the brakes on
5 of a Major asks for a stopper in unbid suit?
yes ok whatever it maybe there have been improvements in that bid since 50 years
Jim Priebe's bidding problem: Q2 --- AKQJT843 KT3
it is up your CC Jim one can bid 1 diamond or 2 clubs, look more like a 2 clubs opening
Bad Judgment or Bad Luck?
yes but standard bid for North is 3 heart inviting and South is more than happy to accept and that makes a good game
5 of a Major asks for a stopper in unbid suit?
yes ok in this hand I would bid 5 clubs control bid agreeing spades and asking about the next suit this is diamond
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQ7 AQJ652 K4 64
let's try 5 hearts maybe we get the jackpot
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: 983 AQJT763 T83 ---
should be 3 hearts but this can be cheap as we have a void so we bid 4 heart
Couldn't locate the 4-4 fit after a simple auction
In that case we make 10-11 tricks in NT and our best fit and the opponents might scramble home 4-5 tricks if they have a good fit. East must surely be sweating yes but this is not a NT hand the fact that east X and N has a doubleton ...

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