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Scott Needham
Scott Needham
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about me

Grew up in Kansas, and left as soon as was polite for schooling in LA. Thought I wanted to be a scientist. Huh.


Learned K-S in college and played a bit at the old Wild Whist in Westwood. Then I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1978 and took the next 30 years off (with only sporadic club experience in the Denver area). Started playing regularly again in Boulder, Colorado, and played my first sectional and regional tournaments. Learned to love Bracket 2/3 KOs. Favorite tournament: Palm Springs. Much prefer 10 & 3 schedules. Worst bridge characteristic: Black Hole Moments when I leave the planet and do really stupid stuff, usually when declaring. 


Former scuba diver, beach bum, general laborer, rocknroll bum/writer, ski bum, carpenter, bartender and tax lien investment fund manager. Currently, reformed (retired) lawyer, orphan, very happy husband, parental unit and grandfather.


More personal disclosure than I have ever done. Weird.

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ATB, but I get the couch
Egad. Why can't N bid 3 (either stopper or advance cue) over 3? Then there is no ranking problem with the cues, and opener can keycard. Just saw MH comment just above.
Defense against (any) natural 1N
There are several hand types -- usually 6-4ish or the like -- that play cold games with the NT bidder in the slot, or in the happy circumstance that the NT bidder has concentrated strength. Just need a way for CHO to show a likely dummy entry.
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
General rules: All of responder's second round jumps are GF+/slammish. All of responder's third round jumps, after s/he has used the 2 relay or the 2 GF, show quality holdings in the suit of the jump. I'd just as soon 1-1 ...
Do you play Drury?
If someone opens in 3rd with fewer than 8 HCP, is this a psyche or an illegal bid? I assume that whether it is an illegal AGREEMENT depends upon frequency.
The Three-card Limit Raise: There must be a better way
with some partners I like 3 = 10+-15, 3cd support. Opener can ask if 14-15 makes a difference.
The Three-card Limit Raise: There must be a better way
Sometimes 3M goes down; sometimes every other good contract goes down. Doesn't mean we shouldn't be there with a 3cd LR opposite an opening call good enough to bear the weight. Sounds like we're trying to find a way to avoid getting too high after a p ...
2/1 T-Walsh
Try for one -- there are tons of discussions on BW regarding various components, 1 balanced w/transfers, unbalanced 1, various cute 2-level openers....
How to bid a strong hand?
1♣ then - after 1♠ - 3N If partner bids 4 -- I presume this is 5+-5+? --, how strong is she?
How to bid a strong hand?
Partner might hold good s; even with RFR, I'm choosing a forcing sequence that lets her bid them. So some route to 2N, opening or rebid, or reversing into s, then 3N if I don't hear what I'd like.
First three classes
Teach Spades first.

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