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Sathya Bettadapura
Sathya Bettadapura
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Aug. 3, 2010
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Software engineer by profession. My other passion is South Indian Classical Music, quite possibly the most rhythmically complex music system. Live in Northern California. I have played more Nationals over the last ten years than regionals or sectionals as it's harder to take time off. I only have a little over 2.000 MP, but more than 300 Platinum Points.


I have played a fair amount of Spingold and Vanderbilt with peers and beaten seeds in the range of 19-29 consistently on the first day. But due to low seeding points, always forced to face a top seed the second day with predictable results except in Toronto, '01 when we beat seed#15 in a head-on match on day#1. In Toronto, 2011, we beat seed #19 on day#1, faced team Monaco on day#2 and lost to them by less than 15 IMPs.


That's the reason I love the Reisinger. No seeding. In addition to the 3 times I have made it to the semi-finals, in Boston, '99 we failed to qualify for second day after losing two tie-breakers !

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making it to 2nd day in NABC Fast Pairs 2011 after a 42.2% game in the first session
Bridge Accomplishments
Beat#15 in Spingold, Toronto, '01, Reisinger Semi Finals '02, '11, '12, Blue Ribbon Pairs Finals '98, '03, '06; LM Pairs Finals '06, '15, '17, Platinum Pairs Finals '17
Regular Bridge Partners
Typical CC:
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
NABC Fall Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Good-Bad, Kickback, 3c Puppet over 1nt, Muppet over 2nt, Bergen (yes, the B word :)), 1m-2h bal 11-12
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sathya and Krishnan
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Sathya Bettadapura & Danning Dong
2/1 except 1!d-2!c-2X-3!c
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Sathya & Jun
2/1 except 1!d-2!c-2X-3!c
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Sathya & Yanong
2/1 except 1!d-2!c-2X-3!c
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Sathya & Rajendra
2/1 except 1!d-2!c-2X-3!c
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Sathya and Madhu
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Sathya B & John Gilbert
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Except 1!d-2!c-2X-3!c
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Sathya- Mike Schneider
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Sathya- Ping Hu
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Sathya Bettadapura's lead problem: KQT8 K965 T43 64
No natural bids by responder at all. All part of relay.
FLEISHER Wins Vanderbilt
I don't think anyone could have written a better script for the finals. If there was one team that was capable of beating NICKELL it was FLEISHER. If there was one team that was capable of beating FLEISHER it was NICKELL. It was fitting that they met, but there ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
No idea how you arrived at that curious conclusion. I just made the observation that the audience was predominantly non-British. And that it is a tournament being held in North American.
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I don't understand this line of defense that Mr. Bird is quintessentially English and that the rest of us can't understand him. I hope Mr. Bird understands that he was commentating at an NABC tournament not the Gold Cup or some local British event. The 'NA" stands for ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
To be fair to Mr. Bird though, he never claimed that he was apologizing. It's his apologists/fans who're saying that. All he did was to justify his comments saying that it's been his style for 40 years. Where have we heard that before ? The year 2017 ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Peter Gill wrote: "... to miss some of these bridge implications and make a comment based on a completely wrong guess of what the bidding actually meant. " Isn't that all the more reason to use temperate language while expressing a sharp opinion ?
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Gabor, On what basis are you saying that he intended it to be humorous. I don't see any humor, wit or sarcasm in his statement, unless being just plain offensive is considered humorous in some circles or cultures.
Levin and Weinstein Win Platinum Pairs
I came into the room to kibitz their last round and witnessed Steve declaring 2 in a 3-3 fit, Oops ! But the companion board was an 800 against their vul game so I didn’t jinx it after all ! When we played against them in the second session, we ...
Philadelphia Hotel Rooms
One of the two rooms is gone now, as I grabbed it ! Thanks a bunch Debbie.
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
There's a winter storm warning in effect for the Philadelphia region from Wednesday 11 AM thru Thursday 3 AM. Most likely flights landing Wednesday will be affected. But I wonder if the mess will clear by Thursday.

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