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Sabrina Miles
Sabrina Miles
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Jan. 17, 2015
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I like bridge!  It is challenging, and humbling, and generally fun.  I am a student of the game and am always interested in learning more.  I root for the underdog and follow the best.  The game has taught me things that I didn't learn in kindergarten...i.e., play fair, don't hit people (literally or figuratively), say you are sorry when you hurt people... Bridge has taken me places that I never thought I'd go....and I am enjoying every step of the journey.

And...I'd rather be lucky AND good!

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning my first open pair two session event at a Regional as a C player
Bridge Accomplishments
Moving from club master to Ruby Life Master in less than 2 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Marianne Bechet, Darryl Legassie, Robert Bertoni and Vincent Messina
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO, Westwood Bridge Club, Newton Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Saratoga Regional, Ocean State Regional, any national
Favorite Conventions
2 way drury
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Favorite CC
Copy to my cards View/Print
Miles and McPhee
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What are your leads?
I've learned quite a bit regarding what some folks think are standard opening leads. Yesterday in the open pairs, at the NABC, I asked, please tell me your agreements about opening leads. The response: standard. So of course I continue. Please tell me what standard means in the context ...
2017 Grand National Teams from Toronto
There are two additional links indicating the qualifiers: this: lists the qualifiers, in order. While the this link: lists the hometown of each of the team members (thereby giving an indication of ...
Becoming a life master
The only way the rules get changed is when folks are vocal about changing them. Yes, people know the rules...when someone does not like them..and clearly states so ...and equally states/implies the reason for their dislike, others (sometimes) take a look at the rule and reevaluate it ...
BW Site Improvements
I'd like to know to which forum I am posting. A few times now, I thought I was posting to the Intermediate forum...Id'd signed in there...only to discover that I was posting to the main forum. If there are any indicators which might help me see ...
And how does one pay for the winning bid(s)? There seems to be no information available.
What are your leads?
@john, cause I didn't know any better. I hoped that for the intermediate player (where I thought I posted this article) it would enlighten them to ask more questions than to merely accept "standard"
What are your leads?
Not that it matters..this is from the common game, from 7/13,2017 board 13. The lead was was 5 from 532, The query is not the lead, but the explanation. And the point of the matter was not the explanation, but the idea that there is no ...
What are your leads?
Nope. I actually had no problem with the description. I had a problem with opponent calling the director and complaining that I had a problem. I merely said, if you lead 3.5th please state so. Some MEN have a problem when women challenge them. I still don't understand ...
What are your leads?
The opp was an asshole....regardless of the lead! Questioning does not mean there is a problem....but apparently for some it does. I think it is obvious to anyone, that opp did not lead 4th best, when 3 rounds of has been played and I (declarer) have the ...
ACBL Reduces Toronto NABC Entry Fees (Canadian Dollars)
Okay....for us lazy souls, what does this mean in US dollars?

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