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World Champion and author of I Love This Game

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Director call - have I missed something?
"And the director penalized you for being young." Or maybe for just recently having won a World Championship? Or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? The negative stories about this tournament abound. I am definitely not planning to go there next year.
Big congrats to Erik Sælensminde and his partner Morten Olsen
@Marco You can read a little bit more about this here: Note: "Fantoni an Nunes also confirmed that they wanted to avoid any issues, promising not to play together any more, as this would give them better opportunities, rather than they acknowledged any ...
Big congrats to Erik Sælensminde and his partner Morten Olsen
@Felix Shen we are talking here about players that were found guilty by the bridge authorities of violating the rules of bridge by engaging in collusive cheating. They managed to wiggle their way back into organized bridge by getting a judgment from a court of judges that don’t have ...
Big congrats to Erik Sælensminde and his partner Morten Olsen
Kit "I believe a more effective approach is as follows: Come to the tournament, enter the event(s) as usual, but simply refuse to play a hand against the convicted cheaters." A friend of mine reports that one pair at the Barcelona tournament did indeed use this approach. The pair ...
Big congrats to Erik Sælensminde and his partner Morten Olsen
"One solution is to become invitational." The German Bridge Trophy in Berlin has already gone this way. Click on "Registration" to see the details.
Keep Bridge Alive
Just had to do it again. :)
Keep Bridge Alive
Fascinating topic. How do you define optimal bidding? In my experience the success of a chosen strategy in competitive bidding often hinges on how well you know your opponent(s) or how well you judge what frame of mind they are in. How can AI take that into account?
Point of No Return
Perfect explanation, Max. You can have the job of explaining our bidding any time! ;)
Point of No Return
Thank you, Max, for this article. It is very exciting and inspiring to feel your enthusiasm.
Housing for LV NABC
Regarding parking at the Cosmopolitan Question: Are there any discounts for Marriott Rewards members? Answer: Not at this time, but registered hotel guests receive complimentary self and valet parking.

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