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Rui Marques
Rui Marques
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July 15, 2014
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about me

EBL Chief TD, WBF Chief TD.

My views and opinions expressed on BW are purely personal and do not reflect EBL/WBF positions on the matters discussed.

Sometimes staying in the USA, Philadelphia, sometimes staying in Portugal, Cascais 

United States of America

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Madeira International Open
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First unpleasant experience of changed 2017 Laws
A "genuine mistake" is not a reason to accept a change of bid. Did the player intend to (mistakenly) bid 5 hearts? Did he miscount? If he doesn't convince me that he pulled the wrong card, he doesn't change. It's s judgment call. I believe all players ...
Odd ruling
wrong ruling unless the declarer can convince director that he absolutely knows the hj will be high. And even if he does, there's always the possibility that, having given up on the hand, declarer will not even notice the cards that the defense plays. Declarer just gave up... so ...
Odd ruling
No, we can adjudicate the claim on its merits. Play ceased.
Odd ruling
I'm out of adjectives for this ruling... if facts were just as written. Did the td really allow declarer to play it out ???
Odd ruling
Or because he is not paying attention anymore?
Odd ruling
Are u sure declarer is not thinking that there are other higher hearts out? Declarer seemed to be in a cloud... and technically did the td allow declarer to play out the hand?! That's the worst part of it all
Flipping for Winning
Probably it was wishful thinking... I think that "phones off, and on the table" is way more effective than "phones off, and hidden"
Flipping for Winning
My bad... "The electronic device policy at NABCs allows players to bring electronic devices such as cell phones into the playing area provided that such devices are turned off. Further, any such equipment must not be visible during the session. A violation of the policy will result in an automatic ...
Flipping for Winning
If I recall correctly I saw in one of the first bulletins (maybe the first) that the new policy is "phones switched off, and on the table at all times", not inside the pockets...
Matt Smith Promotion
Spot on, Steve. Matt is one of the very best, and always a pleasure to work with. We directors learn a lot by watching what to do and what not, and Matt is one that I observe in order to keep learning.

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