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Rui Marques
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July 15, 2014
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about me

EBL CHIEF TD, WBF Assistant Chief TD.

My views and opinions expressed on BW are purely personal and do not reflect EBL/WBF positions on the matters discussed.

Sometimes staying in the USA, Philadelphia, sometimes staying in Portugal, Cascais 

United States of America

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A ruling conundrum
Quoting one of the regulations that I am aware of: " Any action chosen by the player in receipt of unauthorised information, qualifies as a logical alternative for that particular player." This comes from Australia, but the EBU have an alternative interpretation of law 16 (white book) that leads to the ...
A ruling conundrum
My comment addresses the fact that for the application of 2007 Laws: 16B1(a) ...the partner may not choose from among logical alternatives one that could demonstrably have been suggested over another by the extraneous information. The bid chosen by player is defined as a LA, in order to allow ...
A ruling conundrum
A number of NBOs have defined the action under scrutiny a LA for the player in question. So 3s would be a LA for that specific player
Should a Committee, Overturn or Uphold This Ruling? (And how would you, as a director, have ruled?)
Jane, what are the correct agreements of the pair? It seems that everybody is discussing potentially three different cases: West is right, East is right, none of them is right ...
How would you rule?
I agree that I went overboard on my comment above. But some decisions cause that effect on me sometimes. Maybe one thing to improve the general situation would be to create a pool of selectable people for ACs and have them take a course on the laws for acs specifically
How would you rule?
But there must be a way to stop the kind of AC decisions like the one from the OP
How would you rule?
An overstatement yes. Not big. If you take into account all the ACs at all the levels of the game, not big
How would you rule?
I didn't commentate on the ruling ( others did it perfectly). But the AC committee in this case is way out of line. When people show examples why ACs should not be abolished, they should consider that for each of those there's probably 10 of these... "Silly" is a ...
Does the quick bid by the opponent bar you? No Are you barred from the auction because partner broke tempo? No Should your opponent, allegedly a TD, said what he said? No, because he is just a player at the table and because HE IS WRONG. Should you bid 5D ...
TD case- Am I wrong?
If facts are correct, NS seem to have a concealed (and maybe only implicit) agreement, based on UI information.

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