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Rui Marques
Rui Marques
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July 15, 2014
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about me

EBL CHIEF TD, WBF Assistant Chief TD.

My views and opinions expressed on BW are purely personal and do not reflect EBL/WBF positions on the matters discussed.

Sometimes staying in the USA, Philadelphia, sometimes staying in Portugal, Cascais 

United States of America

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Rui Marques & Howard Wachtel
2/1 quasi GF
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Rui Marques / Eric Genheimer
2 over 1
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Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
Bill, it depends on the circumstances in each case. Here, it seems that they discussed the defenses two hands before, and there's a lot of additional evidence that east knew. I might treat you and this east differently because it's different circumstances.
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
I understand your point, Kit, but I very much prefer to get answers from the players to the separate questions, and from there use my judgment to decide the MI issue. I think that your approach runs the risk of eventually inducing more bias on the players answers. You want ...
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
But FWIW I think that we reach the same conclusion with both our methods in this case
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
When I talked about the poll, with the way I worded it I thought it would be clear that I thought it would support this "common sense". Polling can't replace judgment. But it is a great help towards better judgment.
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
So... Interclubs, FIRST division, screens, teams, you sit down and you don´t check among other things your opponent´s NT range? You don´t know your opponents, and you don´t know they play 10-12? NS may "get" something for lack of alert. As usual facts are missing. What ...
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
Poll would be something like: "Teams, good level, board # of the match". "You are vul they are not, your hand, bidding goes 1NT 10-12, Double takeout, pass, this is your answering system, your bid?" "Any thoughts about possible alternatives?" "Now suppose 1NT is 15-17 and Double is (5+m 4M ...
Bridge Lawyers
The answer to how 8.75 appeared might be that someone tried to do 0.625 x 47 on the numeric keypad and accidentally hit one row below... 1 is under 4 and 4 under 7... thus .625x14 instead
How high will you go? Trivia II
6 first clue
Rui Marques's bidding problem: 9 AT75 86 AQT973
"almost penalty", "probably penalty"...
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
A "standard" example of the "unless a different declarer´s intention is incontrovertible", one which I hope will help clear the minds of all those that say "declarer is stuck with a small card from dummy" is this: Playing NT, Dummy has AK2 and declarer the 3 in a given ...

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