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Rowland Reeves
Rowland Reeves
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Aug. 5, 2014
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still to come I hope!
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ATB - Missed game
I think this is all on South, partner has shown a strong hand he has a fit and likely source of tricks what else does he want to bid a game?
ATB - Poor slam
1D and 2C were fine lol
What's your plan
who has the single club?
The BR Ruling: Questions that Perplex Me
Peg, I'm very sorry if I'm wrong, I just got the feeling from some of the comments in the big thread, which I didn't comment on, that people were personally friends with Grue/Levin and were defending them to the death regardless of right/wrong I still ...
The BR Ruling: Questions that Perplex Me
Peg, how can u possibly expect to remain even remotely neutral when you are personally friends with one or more of the parties?? I am a club player, and I am in awe of some of the players that are being discussed, they are wonderful players, but I can't ...
What is the right thing to do?
of course there's the rules, but it's not how I personally like to play. I've had a similar situation come up in a "local MP game" and I've let the player retract their pass. for me it's a bit like gaining an advantage from an ...
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: KQxxx K AJTx KQx
oh wow, that clear? I thought for a long time and bid 4H but I really wasn't sure - it has a happy ending rho balanced 4N and it was smack smack smack lol
Rowland Reeves's lead problem: 63 Q973 AT94 K98
sadly not on this occasion, I led a club which gave away the 10th trick, and I can see from the poll result it was the wrong lead! thanks all
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: --- Jx Ax AKQTxxxxx
okay partner bids 5 spades for the Ace of spades ... oh dear, they cash AK of hearts
ATB - Matchpoints
thanks all for comments, I appreciate the feedback. I was south on the hand, I thought my partner's 3N was just ludicrous, but I accept my pass was also insane. The double was a little slow, so I thought maybe east was just doubling on general values and one ...

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