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Ross Amann
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June 7, 2011
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The promised ending
Yes. It is not hard to cash the AD and continue a D without cashing the second heart. You caught this on the first page. This was an actual hand misdefended today. Academically, the idea of the article works if Dummy is Axxx xx Jxxx Jxx and the South hand ...
Defensive problem with interesting ending
Law 16, alerts, and ethical considerations
There is only one correct answer: let all players self-alert their bids to their you can do easily on OkBridge.
Partnership Defense
Partner had two clubs to play at trick two. In a true partnership, he might try to tell you something. But it seems you forgot...been there too often (sigh).
Should partner have made 3N?
Thought it was easy; then I noticed that South gets squeezed.
Review a Regional Ruling
After rereading, it seems North originally said he had no idea what 2S meant over a weak Nt doubled. So why is South obliged to say anything? The confusion started when East kept pressing and got help from the Director. When he had 5 spades and no intent of bidding ...
Declarer Play in 4SX vulnerable
Very nice! Works against 1-3 diamonds even if spades are 0-5 If Ds are 2-2 and spades 0-5, no line works. The flashy 2H discard will work if you can sneak the 6S through East’s A9852 but deserves to go down two if he covers the 6.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
I have one frequent opponent who resents being asked for her CC. “Do I have to get it out of my purse?” So she digs it out and I look at it and she returns it to her purse. Then we finish that hand and go onto the next. So ...
Declarer play problem
Yes, they can lead three rounds of diamonds (after KC to AC). But you are far from dead. After ruffing the third round in Dummy, you can revert to the H finesse: H to J, AH, TH ruffed in Dummy (9S), JS, club to hand, draw trump and KH: 6 ...
Declarer play problem
Also works with Jx in clubs. Note that you have to lead a club at trick two so that you can cash the second round of clubs before two more rounds of trumps ending in Dummy. If you play anotherhigh spade at trick two, they can win the AC and ...

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