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Rosalind Hengeveld
Rosalind Hengeveld
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June 20, 2014
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands. 

My last name ‘Hengeveld’ is pronounced [‘ɦɛŋəvɛlt] or as if ‘heng-a-velt’.


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
National champion, women pairs, 2012
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Delftse Bridge Club; Het Buitenhof
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Meaning of this 3!S bid
There exist even more possible locations.
Director Please! Oops there aren't any.
In my clubs we work with two kinds of directors: (1) the ‘logistic’ directors, who set up and run the game, are competent therein but are not qualified as full directors; (2) the ‘arbiters’, who handle irregularities. The former are appointed volunteers who do their work (most) every time the ...
I'm baffled
Where I live, pre-alerts are required for ‘agreements to which one can presume that opponents would want to discuss a defense’. Suggested defenses are never required. Apparently in some jurisdictions it is the other way around.
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: KT2 AJ532 --- AKT95
I meant 4NT to be natural.
Is there a standard meaning for this redouble?
This redouble as three-card support does not fall under my agreements, but does make sense to me.
I'm baffled
Yes, that is one advantage of having a (frequent) weak variety in your strong openings.
Great Players; Great Books
Which prompted me to change my vote.
I'm baffled
And in The Netherlands.
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: 5 65 KQT764 QT53
I might earlier have bid 3, which I play non-forcing, but pass is not outrageous; bidding now is.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: 64 QT73 KT53 AT5
In 3NT we may still easily go down opposite a stiff small heart of diamond.

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