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Rosalind Hengeveld
Rosalind Hengeveld
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June 20, 2014
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about me

Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands.

Website Editor, bid72 – Fit to bid.

My last name ‘Hengeveld’ is pronounced [‘ɦɛŋəvɛlt] or as if ‘heng-a-velt’.


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National champion, women pairs, 2012
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Delftse Bridge Club; Het Buitenhof
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What do you use 3-level overcalls of 1NT for?
Weak (but short of crazy) over a strong notrump, intermediate over a weak notrump.
Dan Denison's lead problem: J8 KJ65 QJ74 T96
One of those hands where the lead of any suit can be winning. As to the diamonds, it is somewhat modern to lead an honor instead of the traditional low card (Bird, David en Anthias, Taf, Winning Notrump Leads, Master Point Press, 2011, ISBN 978-1-55494-759-1).
Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
Depends on jurisdiction. Alertable under international (WBF) jurisdiction, as it is artificial.
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: K8xx T8x 9x AQxx
1: in modern bridge – sorry Gordon :) – this can be up to about 10 HCP.
Does this cuebid create a game force?
@Gordon Rainsford: (in Dutch).
Bob Okker's bidding problem: 3 KQJ9 T952 J853
2: this shows a ‘Mixed Raise’ in hearts (2NT being limit+).
John McWhinnie's bidding problem: 7 A92 Q764 AKQ83
Not really. If we are playing support doubles, they are on as long as we can end up in 2 only, not at higher levels.
Preben Schmidt's bidding problem: JT8 Q94 Q Q87543
In modern bridge opening 3 on six is normal, but on this garbage it would go too far.
Does this cuebid create a game force?
In modern bridge 2 shows five, not four. Now, if doubler does not even have three-card support, they will have substantial extras. This makes a game-forcing cue bid logical.
What's the thickest part of your system notes?
Yes, that is the modern standard, or at least tendency: a limitative list of doubles that are penalty; the rest is take-out when in doubt.

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