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Ronnie Burman
Ronnie Burman
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June 5, 2018
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June 12
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Bridge Player
about me

Believer in Paul Marston's ideologies. My hobby is playing against HUMs (high five to all HUM players). Love to play various systems after reading full system notes.

Favorite Quote from Paul Marston from his Moscito 2005 write-up

"If you don’t want to play bridge like this, you don’t belong in open competition. One day a leader with vision and courage will come along and he or she will tear down all this senseless red tape. No more mid chart, no more brown sticker, no more green systems, no more HUM systems, etc – just bridge. Thegame will flourish and we will remember these red tape days in much the same way that we remember Communism. Maybe that’s a bit tongue in cheek but I long for the time when we can try to solve the bridge puzzle with only the laws of the game to concern us. Sadly, I am not holding my breath. Right now there is little resistance to the WBF/ ACBL line. This is because most players are happy to choose their methods from the official list. The mood will only change when a high profile body of players decides to strive for something better."



Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with and against Shibnath Dey Sarkar (my bridge idol and mentor). Playing English version of Polish club while Katarzyna plays the Polish version, which turned out to be different
Regular Bridge Partners
Norman Pestaina, Shibnath Dey Sarkar, Katarzyna Pasternak
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Friendship Club, Coral Gables, FL; Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club, FL.
Favorite Tournaments
South Eastern Regionals USA; Sarasota Manitee Regional - opps came to the table only to ask me at the end how I was eligible to play in that bracket
Favorite Conventions
Reverse Flannery, Mini-maxi splinter, epsilon
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Ronnie + Norman
2/1GF, Rare Psychics, Jump responses artificial
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Director err!
Indeed, but if we had bid 4H directly (without a ruling), it would indicate a weak hand and NEVER a strong hand
Director err!
Is there a way to move this thread to a different forum, since I don't think intermediate forum is the appropriate place for this post.
Director err!
No worries Steve. Hi Steven, we would play cheapest suit as inquiry (in this case 2S) which would include all hands weak (just to fool around, but properly alerted with 7 pages of alert sheet that accompanies our CC) and strong (usually the case), with response structure to show bad ...
Director err!
Can someone please tell me what the appropriate laws are in this regard to safeguard the players in case of an error like this? Lets say the double dummy is 3H EW and 5C NS. After the ruling, we need to sacrifice 5H. But in the specific hand, 5C should ...
Director err!
Hi Steve, The chart being used was open chart which allows 9 hcp range for preempts. Indeed the double dummy is 5c making by NS or 2H making by EW. Also if you have read the post, the director did admit that he was wrong. It was also brought to ...
Director err!
At the time of the play, I was pretty sure that my ranges were legal. But one of my opps and two directors were of the opinion that it was 8 HCP. I just let it go at that time.
Can you preempt in 4th seat?
Can you open this with a void or more than 6 piece?
Good luck to the 44 college pairs playing this weekend!
Thanks to Stephanie and ACBL, and the wonderful directors Trisha and Michael, and all the college students who made this event a success. Last year I was the only one from our school, and hence could not participate in it. Thankfully for this year I found a partner, and ACBL ...
How A Junior Would Teach Bidding
Different strokes for different folks. I am a junior player too. I first saw the game when I was a freshman in 2011. Somehow it appealed to me and I looked up the rules online. Next four days, I only learnt bidding. 10 pages of system notes (only bids and ...

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