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Ron Zucker
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Aug. 26, 2010
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about me

I'm neither as good as I'd like to be nor as bad as I fear I am. I'm exactly the guy you play against most. I'm not incompetent, but you don't fear me. Since I'm not good enough to be arrogant, I aim for polite instead.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
before the days of bidding boxes, LHO and pard passed. RHO heard 1C from another table, so holding 4-4 in the majors and an opening hand, he doubled. I hadn't been paying attention, looked at my hand and counted 10 HCP, so I redoubled. LHO called the director. "What seems to be the problem?" "We're playing in redoubled." "What redoubled?" "Nothing. Just redoubled."
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The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Okay, arguing for a total systemic change here, and I know that's not fair. So let me make the case about the theory, and then we'll discuss how it works in the real world. Usually, the 2 opener has too much to tell, so should just be ...
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
John, interesting observation. It was the last round, against a pair with a 42% game. If we score 800, we come in 2nd EW, instead of 4th.
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
All of which is to say I think it more likely that you, Richard, Dominic and Craig are all MUCH more likely to make 5 than I am... :D
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
Nope. At least, I don't THINK I tanked. I was pretty satisfied once East doubled in appropriate tempo. I spent his time deciding what I would do over pretty much anything.
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
This was the motivation for the post, though I was also uncertain of the second bid as West. Thank you. I don't know that I'll change what I did the next time (not the exact hand, since that will never happen, but you get the idea), but it ...
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
Yup. Led the 9, Lloyd (since you know us, so I can use names) followed small smoothly, and declarer tanked and ducked. I didn't ask what made him decide to do this, merely commented that he made a nice play, congratulated him and moved on.
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
Michael, full disclosure, I was West. At the time, I was kind of undecided between X and 2 at my first turn. I have a general rule that in situations like this, when there might be later bidding, either come to a conclusion within 10 seconds (I'm a ...
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
Ken, looking at all four hands, not necessarily. The lead of a *small* club does that, but if North decides not to lead a diamond, isn't he likely to lead the Q (J if that's systemic)? If so, if South unblocks, one club loser, or if s/he ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
There is a more general problem going on here. Michael, though I agree with Oren's comments that your comment was awfully inappropriate, you are not alone among bridge players. There is a local player who is a top notch expert who engenders a split reaction among other players. He ...
Mike Gill's bidding problem: xx AKQxxxxx x xx
I think I'm wrong to pass. The stiff diamond is scary to pass with. The one who knows (is short) goes. That said, I can't see how I can even possibly bid 5 and expect to play there if it's right. Partner can have 3 aces ...

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