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Oct. 19, 2015
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Protection ?
Fine, though does one check to see if the player who paused had a cause for it? He might have paused to make sure you pass just in case you have a close decision to bid on or not.
Papi is back!
Here you would have to define good bridge. For example for him at his prime now he plays at what level? on a scale 1 to 10 :)
Papi is back!
Brilliant! Though i watched him recently on Vu-graph playing teams with screens, and more often than not at his turn to bid/respond he was taking a little bit more time than usual. I mean in all situations, whether he had a problem or not. He was consistent in that ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQ2 A9 AJ QJ9642
Anyway i pictured values in partner's hand and bid 6. As the were 7222 it made(no ruff), while 6 would have been down on a ruff. Partner had X, Q9, KQ98753, K108.
Should I have called the TD?
Just posted the key Hs.
Should I have called the TD?
The Worst Advice Ever
One needs to bring the opposition up to ginger to enjoy the game ;) And hey! not kibitzing just observing his style whenever we played against each other.
Should I have called the TD?
From the OP: Now a appreciable pause and 3♠ by RHO
The Worst Advice Ever
As an aside. I watched a certain player for a long time off and on for 15 odd years and came to the conclusion that he wasn't trusting his first instinct(read gut) and then not following through with it and taking some other route to both while defending ...
Should I have called the TD?
BTW our team mates played in 6 -1. It was all about the play. Small from hand towards dummy, if he went up with the K he would have made, understandably he finessed when his LHO played the 10 from A10. Nice smooth play by the defender on ...

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