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Rohit Gupta
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Oct. 19, 2015
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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AJ98 KQJT95 JT 5
The 3 voters could you explain your choice/
How many spades?
What space is the 2 bid taking up, for it not to be semi constructive?
What's the Best Line?
Why hasn't West bid 4 at the first turn? The clue might lie there.
Plan the play in 3NT
2 over 1 in minors is forcing to 3 level of one minor in my system. So having 14HCP I would push to game.
Plan the play in 3NT
I'll recommend the bidding.
Two ways to reach.
Those pathetic hearts look like a source of tricks/
Web Movement?
1. Have yet to. 2. Do the players move diagonally? Or the boards? 3. Very catchy name :)
RHO opens a NT you pass, partner has an inference that you don't have a hand which would disturb opponent's NT. How far do you stretch this inference and base your defence on it?
Looking for a Recommendation for a Berlin Duplicate Bridge Club
It will all boils down to Pogba "showing up". Else Belgium odds on. Also Hazard hasn't really delivered after that first game.
Looking for a Recommendation for a Berlin Duplicate Bridge Club
Can someone provide a link to the NYC places where duplicates are held with timings and costs. A friend might be looking. Thanks.

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