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April 7, 2013
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Missed Game; Missed Slam
Years ago I was much taken with Ed Manfield's series of articles about "fit showing jumps". For those who practice those methods, would you do it on the East hand? There is a question as to whether, over a minor, the jump shows 4M,5m or 5M,4m. The ...
Missed Game; Missed Slam
You have never seen that collection of bids? I am not sure that enough has been said since I find the comment capable of any one of a number of interpretations.
Missed Game; Missed Slam
Marty If West has four diamonds then he has a weak notrump pattern and strength. It's possible that West would signoff in 3 with such a hand don't you think?
Missed Game; Missed Slam
Not quite sure what meaning to ascribe to "especially after partner's 3 bid".
Missed Game; Missed Slam
BTW: I seem to have erred in posing this problem. I don't know why it is allowing up to two choices. Plainly, only one choice is pertinent. Sorry about that.
Missed Game; Missed Slam
You do not need 3-3 if North has two spades and only one diamond. I would estimate that is being quite likely. Perhaps "fine contract" is an overstatement, but I thik it is well above 50%.
A case for using Gladiator
Richard, did you ever play it at any length?
A case for using Gladiator
Thanks to Rafael and Paul for supplying the title of Klinger's book. As Paul said, it is well worth a read. I think the big disadvantage at pairs if that you will not infrequently end in a 4-3 major suit fit at the two level with combined strength not ...
A case for using Gladiator
The advantage of Gladiator, apart from the ability to play 3, is to be able to play in 3 of a major without the 2N bidder, holding a decent fit and a maximum, sticking you in 4. Before transfers over 2N trump became the vogue, a convention called Flint ...
We blocked them at MPs
Textbooks are full of strictures not to lead from a "worthless doubleton". I have often wondered what a worthy doubleton looks like; a lead that presumably the books sanction, or at leasrt admit..

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