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Robert Ellison
Robert Ellison
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Feb. 8, 2015
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May 22
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about me

Originally from New Mexico.  Graduate of University of Texas and have lived in the southwestern part of the United States most of my life.  Now living in exile in Wichita, Kansas.  My cat, "Sammie" was rescued from a shelter.

United States of America

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Recently played at the Circolo del Bridge di Firenze while on trip to Tuscany and had a wonderful time. Thank you Italy!
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Gina Austin Fresh
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Unit 132 (Wichita)
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Chicago NABC, Albuquerque
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Limit Raises all the time!
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Silver Life Master
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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KT98654 KJ3 KJ 7
My regular partner and I use the responses recommended by Bill Root and Richard Pavlicek in Modern Bridge Conventions. In that case 2 would show weakness and not be forward going. Hence my bid of 3.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KT98654 KJ3 KJ 7
Do we know whether Lebensohl is an option opposite a reverse? That would affect the possible responses.
Referring to newbies as "Novices"
Never thought of Novice as derogatory but that term isn't used in our local club. We've worked hard to bring in new players through beginner classes and the seasoned players refer to them as "newbies". Perhaps if overheard they might be offended.
To Show or Not To Show?
Aviv and Benoit make an excellent point to have the software show scores later in the game when they are really meaningful. I'm sympathetic with Bob when he says "give the people what they want", although the cons really outweigh the pros IMO. I can't understand why our ...
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
I'm driving up from Wichita, but if I'm flying and can schedule ahead I think that SuperShuttle is about the most efficient and economical. Prices are better because they carry more people. Be prepared to make several stops, tho.
Robert Ellison's lead problem: T5 J6 AQJ9852 QT
Thank you for the reference. I've gotten negative comment in my club game for leading the jack. I thought this was just local custom, but evidently there is a school of bridge leads that recommends low from Hx.
Strange feeling I had at the table.
A large number of my club players feel a categorical imperative to ask immediately. I'm not sure why. Most of the time they never make a call except PASS. Aside - If a Convention Card is available wouldn't it be correct to just look at the card and not ...
Against a weak NT, our double is...
Alan, my pard and I also play that double of 1NT is "spades and another" and it works really well. Not that our experience adds anything to this discussion. I don't know of anyone else playing that method.
Do you try to exploit Stolen Bids?
I have not thought of exploiting stolen bids but we love to play against people who use them. Quite often their partner thinks they are doubling the overcall for penalty and leave the double in. Or, they think the double is "stolen bid" when it is for penalty and bid ...
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
I like your comment Gary. We think we have "wired" pairs in our club and I've wondered where they keep the records of the results they overhear. Some of our players are so loud I actually use earplugs...

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