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Robb Gordon
Robb Gordon
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June 21, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

I am the ACBL National Recorder. I was on the NAC (appeals committee) from 1984 until its demise. I joined the ACBL Laws Commission in 2006. I was added to the ACBL Ethical Oversight in 2010. I am particularly proud (and mystified) about being appointed to the ACBL Goodwill committee. My hobbies include my dogs, singing, wine, and watching baseball and basketball. Former member District 17 Board and former 1st Alternate Director D17.

United States of America

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NABC Champion, WBF Mixed Teams Bronze Medal
Favorite Tournaments
Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Toronto, Eilat, Gold Coast
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transfers of all kinds
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Grand Life Master
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2 over 1
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Gordon - Gordon
2/1 Style
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Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
Seriously? Puerto Vallarta. 100 points. Everything else - 0. Nos vemos en el círculo de ganadores!
Punishing partner or ethical?
Playing 4SF (not to game) you don't have to bid game without game values. That is the first point. Second point - what is your agreement about the 2 Spade preference? Does opener ever raise immediately (1D - 1S - 2S) with three? It seems that if 2S shows 3 here partner ...
Bridge Winners or The Twilight Zone?
Another consideration - if you remove the deceased from the system, are all their posts and comments deleted? I wouldn't want that. Somebody like Henry can write interesting and worthwhile stuff. Terence Reese is dead but I'm not throwing out my copy of Master Play.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: QT843 764 AQ8 53
Very close between pass and 2S. I think double is out of the picture. Partner will pass too often - perhaps with 3-4-3-3 even
Double Confusion
If you are a forcing pass fan it suggests defending. If you are not, it says that you have transferrable values and asks partner to make a decision. I am in the second camp but I am probably in the minority.
David Caplan (1964-2019) - Our Story
I knew Fred was a great computer whiz. I knew he was a great bridge player. I knew he was a great guy. Now I know he's a great writer as well. Fred I am sorry you lost your friend but please consider (non-bridge) writing as your next mountain!
Soliciting ideas for a spring event preceding the NAP flight B and C finals
Once upon a time there was an event called the "Advanced Senior Master Pairs". The Advanced Senior Master was a rank just below LM and this was a relatively big deal. It was played for a trophy called the "Marcus Cup" (not sure who Marcus was). If that trophy is ...
Penalized for not alerting a self-alerting bid by failure to alert a P/C
Ed I said that’s how I would feel. I also said my comment was personal and unofficial. I don’t expect nor do I suggest that anyone “break the rules “.
Penalized for not alerting a self-alerting bid by failure to alert a P/C
My comment here is most definitely not "official". I have long been disturbed by the "non-alert" loophole in the ACBL procedure. I would estimate that 98% of ACBL tournament players play (1D) 2D as Michaels for the majors and (1H) 2H as Michaels showing spades and a minor. So when ...
Unethical Conduct Accusation
Gotta give you props for that one. Well played!

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