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Richard Granville
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Aug. 23, 2013
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about me

Until 5 years ago I was a software engineer and safety consultant, but now I'm a part-time bridge writer.  I have devised most of the declarer and defence problems on the nofearbridge websites and I also provide assistance in other areas.

Although based in the UK I've never really enjoyed playing Acol.  I'm a firm believer in 5 card majors and have played Precision, Two over One and, more recently, a variant of Fantunes.

United Kingdom

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Walton+Hersham (Surrey), Young Chelsea (London)
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Opening 1NT with a 5 card major - a survey
For me (and all of my partners) 2NT is too valuable as a bid to show diamonds. We respond a direct 3M with (3-1)-(5-4) hands.
Vaguely spade-oriented system -any thoughts on where it's from?
This is why I ensured that MOSSO fully satisfies the criteria for EBU level 4.
Question emailed to me.
My guideline for WJOs is that a 3 level overcall corresponds approximately to the same bid made as a 1st seat pre-empt, at the prevailing vulnerability. I use the rule of 2, 3 and 4. A WJO at the 2 level corresponds approximately to the same bid made as a ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AQT9874 --- 6432 53
Opener passes 3NT regardless of his hand.
Jump shifts in Polish Club
Ranges of 2-5 or 3-6 would work over a MOSSO 1 opening, but 4-7 point hands are more common. The 4-7 range also takes a little pressure off responder after 1C-1M-2C, since he's now never too weak to rebid his suit. Incidentally a 2M response to a MOSSO ...
Jump shifts in Polish Club
The idea behind 2 is to give opener the chance to play the hand when responder has something like Axx Axx Txx QJ9x. And using the 2 response to show 5 + 4 allows responder to show an awkward hand in one bid ...
Strong or "Regressive?"
It's "standard" for a 1NT advance of a takeout double not to be a weakness bid, although the precise requirements vary between partnerships, perhaps 6-10 points after a 1 opening. With no points you just bid an unbid 4+ card suit, or your cheapest 3 card suit if ...
Jump shifts in Polish Club
In 2016 the 3m responses to a MOSSO 1 were approximately as you say, but we found that it could be difficult for opener to describe his hand when he has 17+ with 5+ spades (or when he is strong with clubs over 3). As Ronald says below ...
Strong or "Regressive?"
I've answered "regressive" in both auctions, but there's a case for playing the sequence (1) dbl (P) 1NT P (2) as forcing because with 5 hearts a 2 overcall would generally be preferred to a double on a moderate hand (see my recent poll https ...
Vaguely spade-oriented system -any thoughts on where it's from?
This isn't a good system because of the wide-ranging 2 opening. You'll lose far more with diamond hands than you'll gain with spade hands.

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