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Rich Regan
Rich Regan
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Dec. 12, 2010
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about me

Some people say I bid too much...

United States of America

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Won mini Spingold in 2003 with Rob and Matt Meckstroth, Jim Hawkes, and Andy Hurd
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Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
NABC Appeal
I don't understand partners bidding... but it is not up to me. He assumed captaincy of the auction.
What is this Double
If I expect to beat 3S..... I PASS !
What is this Double
xx AQxx Tx KQJxx
Comments please, on this 2D opening
2D = not enough offense, too much defense, and hardly interferes with the opps finding their spot. And you'll cringe when partner bids 5D over opps 4S. 3D = not without peril. Gonna get a few -800's ... and gonna keep opps out of their best spot often as well. I ...
Comments please, on this 2D opening
My preference, due to Spade suit, is Pass. 2nd choice - 3D (If you want to do some damage... might as well maximize it) 3rd choice 1D - If partner has Spades you might be golden I see no value in opening 2D
New, simple, more accurate rating system.
Leanard, so .1 (Trying to keep the same format....) ?
New, simple, more accurate rating system.
Meaning having money to play in larger tournaments ? Could be, I dunno... I have often experimented with better ways to evaluate than masterpoints. This may be folly as well.
Response to Maximal Double -- What does it mean?
The double was a game try. Partner is to bid 3H to not accept game try, or 4H to accept. Other bids are cue bids and are slammish by opener. 3N would be choice of games, probably showing 3 hearts.
Response to Maximal Double -- What does it mean?
In my partnerships, once we have agreed on a major fit, we don't mess around trying to find other fits... we bid or we cue bid. For me - 4C can only be a cue bid... and of course it would deny a spade control.
Outraged by the USBF
Daniel If you don't address your comments to a specific person, in this BW format.... sometimes it can be unclear as to whom you are referring. GMAFB - I Googled and now know. Rhetoric and Hyperbole I am familiar with, but could not spell, and not sure of context, and ...

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