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Rich Regan
Rich Regan
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Dec. 12, 2010
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about me

Some people say I bid too much...

United States of America

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Won mini Spingold in 2003 with Rob and Matt Meckstroth, Jim Hawkes, and Andy Hurd
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Sapphire Life Master
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What does 3!S mean?
I play it as an "impossible spade raise" , so it's just a better raise than to bid only 4C. Says nothing about spades.
Party Table ! in a Regional Open Pairs
Jenni Carmichael only needs a couple more years of experience, and a valet to carry around a step ladder so she can see.... and she'll be the best director in all of ACBL land.
Never a Senior
Awesome Linda, would you like to pencil me in for the Old Folks Home Super Platinum pairs in the spring of 2032? I might be a decent player by then....
Can East and West bid better?
East double is reasonable. As West, I'm not defending. I bid 3H,,, maybe 4H.
In the Well: Jacek Kalita
Hi Jacek, You've been having lots of success. I like watching you play, always talented and with congeniality. I had you in my betting pool for the Spingold. The important thing, however, is your bowling score at a 2 am. game? Is it improving? I couldn't see because ...
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
BOD Restructure Vote
Kevin, your comments seem like a lot of gobblygook to me. It seems the issue is... "would having a 13 member BOD be an improvement, as opposed to the current situation." Please tell us what your background is.... to have such long winded and obscure solutions to improving the acbl ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Steve, you state "BOARD ACCOUNTABILITY and tight linkage of skill to strategy and mission is necessary for business success." I read that as: we need better and more qualified BOD members. Fine, but that won't happen... ever... with 25 board members. Reducing it to 13 is the first step ...
Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
You're playing an excellent system, also played by many top partnerships. It doesn't cover this exact hand with Jxxxx of hearts... next time the hearts will be 3-0. I don't see the problem.
Bidding philosophy
2S. Now partner can decide to bid 4S over 4H... or not. We're also not unhappy if partner doubles their 4H.

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