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Rich Regan
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Dec. 12, 2010
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about me

Some people say I bid too much...

United States of America

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Won mini Spingold in 2003 with Rob and Matt Meckstroth, Jim Hawkes, and Andy Hurd
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Sapphire Life Master
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ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Assuming 1N here is illegal, also assume this is a first time partnership with a person that rarely psyches ... what is the penalty?
How do you play this double?
I'm telling partner - "It's our hand, I'd like to bid more, but if you think we should defend... that's ok too."
Come On ACBL/OnPeak, It's Just Not That Hard! (NABC Hotel Gripe)
This fiasco is just another example of a bloated board of directors, leading to an incompetent ACBL with poor decision making skills. It's not difficult, it's basic. We investigate a city for an upcoming National(not in Hawaii), we explain how much playing space we need, and how ...
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
David, Wow! You speak as if you're West's best friend and attorney. The fact is that East showed his values, West did not. I'll type this slowly so as to be clear.... West had JTx of trumps and TWO Aces AND a King !
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
With 2 aces and a King, it's almost... almost right to simply bid 6S after your partner bid 4S in the passout seat.
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: --- 642 AQ864 KJ876
I don't get why this would be a problem. I can't imagine anything other than 1D.
1NT overcall with a small singleton? Legal or Not in ACBL??
I'm fairly certain on this one. Cappelletti and I (neither of us like constraining rules, not allowing our NT bids, etc) engaged several directors about the new rules regarding opening 1N with a small singleton. At that time, you could still do it, with no penalty, as long as ...
Double after game force has been set
I answered "definitely penalty", but in my partnerships, low level doubles can always be pulled. Give South (the 2C bidder) a 3-3-0-7 shape, and he probably should pull. So maybe instead of "definitely penalty"... it should mean "partner, I think they screwed up and I have some good Diamonds".
ATB for -930
I agree with most of the above comments, but not the final analysis. South was weak with his 2S overcall, but 5-5 is great, and interfering with opponents is always a good thing. Then, North 2N was just wrong. Doubling 3H was even worse. But the final analysis... South simply ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K T8 AJ9754 KJ83
Looks like I may have 2 Heart losers and a club loser, I reject slam try and bid 5D

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