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Rich Higgins
Rich Higgins
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Dec. 30, 2015
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Playing with my Dad for his final G'burg tourney
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Hot Springs Village
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Diamond Life Master
Rich Higgins
2 over 1
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DONT vs. Meckwell
When playing Meckwell, I like to respond to double as if it is both majors. 2 is longer spades or equal length majors, whereas 2 is longer hearts. When Meckwell bidder has a single-suited minor, only on the longer heart response will it need to be corrected to ...
Summer NABC Moved
April fool's jokes need a ring of credibility to work. They also need a bit of outrageousness, so you get that chagrin when you realize you've been had. My wife and I have been doing it to each other for 38 years now. At this point, we are ...
Summer NABC Moved
It seems like the world was happier before the advent of the internet and social commentary sites. Way back then, if a friend told you a joke, you usually laughed but sometimes you’d say that it was stupid or in poor taste or I don’t get it. That ...
Summer NABC Moved
Rapid City is great: besides what is already mentioned, it is close to the great Custer state park and Wind Cave National Park. There is a nice brewpub downtown. The Black Hills are very nice to visit, let's have an NABC there.
Criss -cross Inverted Raises
I like 3 response to 1 for hand that would have opened 3. Invite hand with responds 2 to 1 which looks like GF, but then rebid of 3 shows just an invite hand (cancels 2/1). If using two bids to distinguish ...
An Argument for Attitude
Strong K power lead vs. NT as per Mike Nelson above is quite nice on some hands to get the defense right. Vs.NT, if I lead from KQx, it will be Q as attitude ask - opps can learn via query or via convention card that Q is either top ...
An Argument for Attitude
I think Rusinow makes sense, but currently only play it in 2 situations: at 5+ level or against gambling 3NT
An Argument for Attitude
When always playing Ace for Attitude & King for Count, are Rusinow leads used? I'm thinking how would count help when leading K from KQx.
Jump Reverse
Invitational splinter, weaker than 4
TransPup lebensohl
When interference is : bid 2NT to force 3 and then 3 is to play (transfer off after initial 2NT when it is into opp suit) When interference is : no good way, perhaps if opener re-opens I like the comments - helpful as to weaknesses that should be ...
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