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Rich Higgins
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Dec. 30, 2015
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Playing with my Dad for his final G'burg tourney
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Hot Springs Village
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Rich Higgins
2 over 1
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How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
Ron, Yes, I do bid that sequence. My meaning is that once 2/1 GF is established, a reverse does not promise extra values. Thanks for the clarification.
How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
I also play reverses are off after 2/1 GF established. After 2/1 GF established, I still play 4th suit as artificial - temporizing, may or may not have the suit. 3NT after 3 '4th suit' obviously denies three , also implies less than doubleton (three card support ...
McCabe above 2 level?
I like having the 2NT ask available after a double.
McCabe above 2 level?
It would not conflict with a 1 level opening. I think you mean after a 2 level or higher opening, then it does conflict. After partner's preempt is doubled, a Rosenkranz redouble is a different choice than a rescue redouble.
McCabe above 2 level?
I don't see that McCabe prevents responder from changing the strain over a 3 level or higher preempt. I play McCabe is on for all preempts (after opp double, of course). If responder wants a different strain, they can redouble asking preempter to bid next suit, which responder passes ...
A Missing Link? Monday's Not So Instant Matchpoint Game
Our club did have travelers beneath each board. We did not write on them, but you could get your instant matchpoint result.
Memphis NABC+ Appeals Cases
This is not a complete listing of appeals cases, apparently a few selected ones were chosen for this
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Schedule of afternoon-night for KO and major pair games is not viewed by most of current bridge population as appealing. I know many on this site will say morning - afternoon schedule is terrible, so no need to repeat that you despise this. G'burg attempt to accommodate both groups with ...
Double Standards
Aaron's comment on factored adjustment is interesting. I did not know this was done sometimes. Is it related to whether the % of polled folks disagreeing was less than 'significant'? After partner's BIT in IMP pairs; 7 of 9 agreed with my bid, but it was disallowed as a ...
The 3 word challenge
Puzzle Lover Paradise
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