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Rich Higgins
Rich Higgins
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Dec. 30, 2015
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Dec. 12
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Bridge Player

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Playing with my Dad for his final G'burg tourney
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Hot Springs Village
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Diamond Life Master
Rich Higgins
2 over 1
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Do we need the BOG?
I was at the Atlanta Board of Governor’s meeting, which was also the ACBL annual membership meeting. The first ACBL speaker had a Powerpoint presentation. I think it was another ACBL person assigned to project the presentation from a laptop, so attendees could see the slides. However, these two ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Assuming the 50-50 split mentioned by Dale applies to current NABC attendees, I think ACBL polling for desired start times should be done for all potential customers, not just those who currently attend NABCs. As the membership average age increases, I expect there are an increasing number of members who ...
Can Bergen raises be unlimited?
With one pard, I play 2NT over 1M as 4 card constructive+ raise. I have not played a bunch of hands dealing with interference, so comments to improve would help - I agree with comment about guessing depending on level of interference. Some things I like about this treatment: 1) frees ...
Treatments over 1NT with 5-card major
Any 5-3 M fit is declared at 4M by 1NT opener when game-going 2 Stayman hand must have 4-4/5-3/5-4 M. 3 Puppet has at most one 4 card M. 2 initial response is range-ask, so 2 invite hand always promises at least one 4 ...
Do You Have Any Fun/Funny Lesson Hands for Intermediates?
A few situations I've seen from bridge literature somewhere that are perhaps interesting to intermediates who don't read bridge: 1) Declarer trump suit AKQJ83 opposite 97: declarer with side stiff A opposite KQx in 'entry-less' dummy where declarer makes extra trick by giving up a trump loser in ...
ONSTOTT Wins Roth Swiss
Congratulations to John Onstott et al. In a tourney many years ago, my pard and I as novices played against Bruce Ferguson. My pard was declaring & ended in his hand at the end instead of the dummy. Bruce knew the situation and when my pard played A from AQ, he ...
The Best Bridge Writer
I like Kelsey, Reese, and Jannersten
Handling Interference over our One No Trump opening. (FTL)
I also have pet version, but can't get anyone at club to help work out kinks. I prefer transfers direct and indirect to distinguish stop or not - one tradeoff here is lose invite ability with stop when unable to closeout at 2 level as xfer after 2NT must be ...
What do you call such a bid?
I agree, I went basic. I like Richard's 'multi-purpose' or 'various hand types'.
What do you call such a bid?
artificial (then describe possibilities if opps ask after alert)
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